Fashion Faves: 3rd Entry – Corneliani F/W 2014


I recently ate lunch with a co-worker of mine and over salads and harmless office gossip, we managed to get in some good “people watching” time.  I must say,  people are very interesting  characters, but even more interesting are their outfit choices. Especially the men.  What’s going on there?  I’m not sure, but I do know that one thing that stood out to me  was just how casually dressed the corporate world has become over the years. Business attire ain’t what it used to be! Moreover, this casual dress trend looks to be the new “black” in the fashion world. Gone are the days of  stuffy and conservative buttoned up to there suit and tie uniforms only to be replaced by  much more relaxed and fluid looks. Translation: the rise of the casually dressed businessman is here to stay…well, maybe not permanently. Not if Corneliani has anything to do with it! As I looked through this collection, I couldn’t help feeling all formal and dressed up like.  This led me to realize that I really like a sophisticated and elegant look when it comes to menswear, and apparently, so does Corneliani.

Now as I previously stated, here I was viewing this runway show as “dressy,” only to find out by reading one fashion writers review of the show that this collection was actually  toned down and more casual than normal.  Really?!?  Color me shocked. This is Corneliani’s version of bringing it down a notch? Wow. I need to live in their impeccably dressed world stat! On the other hand, maybe I’m so used to seeing “casual office attire” being passed off as “business attire” that I forgot what actual business attire looks like!  Anyway, I think my tired eyeballs would thank me to infinity and beyond if the men (including myself) in my building came to work wearing these looks (especially numbers 13, 14 and 34! 🙂 ). I don’t know about you, but I  certainly like Corneliani’s way of doing things.  Below are my fashion faves for Corneliani Fall 2014 Menswear. Enjoy!

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Corneliani Men's Fall 2014 - Look 2Corneliani Men's Fall 2014 - Look 5Corneliani Men's Fall 2014 - Look 6Corneliani Men's Fall 2014 - Look 7Corneliani Men's Fall 2014 - Look 11Corneliani Men's Fall 2014 - Look 13Corneliani Men's Fall 2014 - Look 14Corneliani Men's Fall 2014 - Look 18Corneliani Men's Fall 2014 - Look 23Corneliani Men's Fall 2014 - Look 26Corneliani Men's Fall 2014 - Look 28Corneliani Men's Fall 2014 - Look 29Corneliani Men's Fall 2014 - Look 33Corneliani Men's Fall 2014 - Look 34Corneliani Men's Fall 2014 - Look 35Corneliani Men's Fall 2014 - Look 39Corneliani Men's Fall 2014 - Look 40Corneliani Men's Fall 2014 - Look 44

What do you think? Love my Choices? Hate them? If you have a butthole then you have an opinion…and now would be a good time to share it! Comment below (but please be respectful).


5 thoughts on “Fashion Faves: 3rd Entry – Corneliani F/W 2014

  1. JC

    Thank you for posting this piece on your blog. Men will literally just wear anything to work these days, just looking like they rolled right out of bed. Appearance is an important part of how others view you, especially in the work place. It just takes a little bit of effort and time to look polished and put together. Very well done, another excellent post!!!


  2. Dana Gonzalez

    Love your choices! When I think of a well dressed man, this is how I picture him. You have given some great examples of how men should dress. Just because a lot men choice to “dress down” these days for office the office, doesn’t mean they should. You have a well written, well executed blog that I think will be a helpful guide for all men, no matter their style. Keep up the good work!

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