Athletic Style: Fashion Reflection

It’s not very often that your football skills accurately reflect your personal fashion sense.  Then again, we all aren’t Peyton Manning!  Mr. Manning proves that what I previously thought was impossible is in fact possible…he dresses like he plays football.  Hear me out.  Mr. Manning has arguable had one of the most illustrious football careers in the history of the NFL.  Record breaking plays, envious stats, a super bowl championship ring and being a member of football royalty have all contributed to his enduring legacy.  Mr. Manning is straight-laced, professional, hardworking, by-the-book, traditional and his knowledge of football history is mind-boggling.  He also dresses the exact same way: straight-laced, traditional, professional and by-the-book.

If there is one thing Mr. Manning is lacking, it is that he isn’t exactly the most exciting player to ever play the game…and the same can be said about his clothes as well.  It’s not a bad thing, but it’s not a great thing either.  It’s like that book, “Sara, Plain and Tall.”  Well, if Sara was a dude and an NFL superstar quarterback, she would be Mr. Manning.  Peyton, Plain and Tall…and bleh.

But wait! Hold on all you Peyton Manning fans. All is not lost.  I have an inkling that Mr. Manning has a wild streak in there somewhere (I saw that video of him busting a move during training camp) and I would like to see that reflected in his clothing for once!  The result could be suave, hip and oh so cool.  And hey, who wouldn’t want to see that in a Papa John’s commercial?

(Image: Kevin Winter/Getty Images North America)

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What do you think? Love my choices? Hate them? If you have a butthole then you have an opinion…and now would be a good time to share it! Comment below (but please be respectful).


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