Fashion Faves: 4th Entry – Berluti F/W 2014


Boiled cashmere is what all the stylish men (except for you) are wearing:

The Berluti show was absolutely stunning.  Amazing!  Breathtaking even.  Now, mind you, I…um…was not actually at the show, but nevertheless, the debonair suaveness of it all was front and center (even from my computer monitor in my room).  Gorgeous three-piece suits, sleek trench coats that were as smooth as butter and effortlessly handsome tuxedos all added to the extremely high level of dapperness that flowed throughout these looks.  And what could be the cause of all this exquisite flawlessly crafted menswear?  Two words: Boiled Cashmere.  That’s right! Boiled Cashmere…and that’s not all! Berluti artistic direct, Mr. Sartori then took two layers of that cashmere, sandwiched wool between the two, added a “technical membrane” which KO’s wind and water damage and called it a day. Whew! Boiled cashmere is freakin’ awesome! The show also included a never-before-seen life altering change by adding…wait for it…slanted pockets to a double-breasted dinner jacket!  There was also some tailored tinkering done with the shoulder area which allows you to move your arms and stuff a lot more than ever before.  I believe one fashion reviewer referred to it as an “intarsia pleat”.   I’m not really sure what that means, but I can assure you that while it may be hard to fully comprehend exactly what these tailoring tidbits mean, they are the big reason that these clothes are so unbelievably divine and well made.  It’s like when you see a well-dressed person and right away you can tell just by looking at them that the clothes they’re wearing are of the highest quality money can buy.  Yes, adding a slanted pocket to a dinner jacket may seem trivial to the untrained fashion eyeball, but just that little detail can really improve the fit, shape and overall silhouette of your attire.

Oh, and one more thing…when the world ends and humans have long since left the planet and nothing is left of this Earth but a cloud of galaxy dust…if you were to look in that cloud of dust, you would find a Berluti boiled cashmere bomber jacket in pristine condition.  Mr. Sartori wasn’t kidding when he said these pieces would last forever!  Below are my Fashion Faves for Berluti Fall 2014. Enjoy!

(images: all images courtesy of **Click on photos for full size image!

Berluti's Men Fall 2014 - Look 2Berluti's Men Fall 2014 - Look 5Berluti's Men Fall 2014 - Look 8Berluti's Men Fall 2014 - Look 10Berluti's Men Fall 2014 - Look 11Berluti's Men Fall 2014 - Look 13Berluti's Men Fall 2014 - Look 14Berluti's Men Fall 2014 - Look 15Berluti's Men Fall 2014 - Look 16Berluti's Men Fall 2014 - Look 17Berluti's Men Fall 2014 - Look 18Berluti's Men Fall 2014 - Look 19Berluti's Men Fall 2014 - Look 20Berluti's Men Fall 2014 - Look 23Berluti's Men Fall 2014 - Look 28Berluti's Men Fall 2014 - Look 33Berluti's Men Fall 2014 - Look 34Berluti's Men Fall 2014 - Look 38Berluti's Men Fall 2014 - Look 43


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What do you think? Love my Choices? Hate them? If you have a butthole then you have an opinion…and now would be a good time to share it! Comment below (but please be respectful).


4 thoughts on “Fashion Faves: 4th Entry – Berluti F/W 2014

  1. necessities123editor

    It’s a great collection – bur frankly – it’s not Berluti. Berluti stands for shoes and leather bags. Impeccable. Classy. Classical. S-H-O-E-S and B-O-O-T-S. Those that I adored for decades like the lovely mocs Andy… Well, it’s not Arny’s either. It’s a very good collection, A.S. knew how to make it look appealing. If I mays say, there’s a touch of glamour missing. It’s wearable and it’s another good collection to be found in the PArisian golden triangle.


    1. mistercarpenter Post author

      I agree, it is great collection overall. While I’m probably not the best person to determine whether this years collection was classic Berluti or not, I would still happily rock all these looks LOL! However, I do see your point. Thanks so much for sharing your opinion and for your comment!

      Liked by 1 person


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