Fashion Faves: 5th Entry – Canali F/W 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Gentlemen, it is now OK to wear your robe to work!

Picture this:  Your alarm clocks sounds and jolts you from a peaceful slumber.  You then roll out of bed, throw on your robe and stumble on down to the kitchen to make a cup of joe while your eyes are still glued shut cause your still half-asleep.  I know many of you are probably thinking, “that’s every morning Mr. James!”.  Of course it is. But, you know what would make your mornings much, much easier?  If you tied your robe, grabbed your briefcase, walked right out the front door and went to work!  How does that sound? How would that look? Well, Canali answers those questions in their F/W 2014 Menswear runway show…and the look is pretty freakin’ suave!

So gentlemen rejoice!  This is good news.  Canali has given the green light for us fellas to throw on our robes and head on out the front door…in public…in broad daylight…where people’s eyeballs can look at you…and it’s OK! Heck, its more than OK, its fashionable!  Granted, the dapper coats that sashayed down the runway are not the old, raggedy, ratchet, shaggy, smelly hot stack of potatoes mess of a thing you call your robe.  No.  So OK, maybe wearing your actual robe to public functions is not the most fashionable idea ever.  But fear not my fellow gentlemen!  All you have to do is upgrade to these amazing Canali coats and if you squint your eyes a little, turn your head slightly to the left, dig deep and use your imagination like never before, it’s pretty much the same thing…only nicer, cleaner and more expensive!

The idea of belting a coat is nothing new for the menswear shows this season. In fact, this trend can also be seen in some of the looks from my past Fashion Faves posts.  However, I think what makes the coats in Canali’s show have such a ‘robe like’ feel (more so than other designers take on this trend) is the material.  It’s lush and comfy while at the same time surprisingly maintains a sophisticated and elegant feeling.  It’s the best of both worlds!  And what a great muse the robe is.  I practically live in mine.  Canali knew that fact and decided to make me a sophisticated version of my very own robe (not really, but that’s what I like to tell myself!). Besides, after seeing the looks in this show, I can imagine myself wearing these coats to a fancy function like a warm snuggly blanket… and who wouldn’t want that!?!  Furthermore, the comfy looks didn’t just end with the coats either.  Suits, trousers, dinner jackets…you name it. They all had  that balanced mixture of comfy and elegance. So, are you brave enough to wear a robe to work?  If it’s  Canali’s… you should be!  Below are my Fashion Faves for Canali Fall 2014 Menswear. Enjoy!

(all images from **Click on pictures for full size photo!

Canali Men's Fall 2014 - Look 1Canali Men's Fall 2014 - Look 2Canali Men's Fall 2014 - Look 3Canali Men's Fall 2014 - Look 5Canali Men's Fall 2014 - Look 7Canali Men's Fall 2014 - Look 8Canali Men's Fall 2014 - Look 10Canali Men's Fall 2014 - Look 11Canali Men's Fall 2014 - Look 12Canali Men's Fall 2014 - Look 14Canali Men's Fall 2014 - Look 15Canali Men's Fall 2014 - Look 16Canali Men's Fall 2014 - Look 19Canali Men's Fall 2014 - Look 23Canali Men's Fall 2014 - Look 27Canali Men's Fall 2014 - Look 34Canali Men's Fall 2014 - Look 42

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