Fashion Icon: Chris Pine (Series Conclusion)

A lovely shade of… brown?!?

Have you ever thought about viewing the colors of your suits as children?  I’m guessing that’s a no.  But if you did, you would recognize that the suit colors black, navy, and gray (or charcoal) are in deed your “chosen ones”. Yep, that’s right! You’re playing favorites…with your own kids no less!  These colors, along with their varying associated shades tend to be favored as the go to hues of men’s business attire.  This is not a random occurrence.  For years, business etiquette professionals have been brain washing drilling into our heads longstanding rules that address proper suit color choices. For instance, black suits (or midnight blue suits) are for formal occasions, a navy suit is appropriate for business related activity because it’s so professional looking, and charcoal is for…well…let’s just say when you run out of navy suits to wear (cause, you know, you can’t wear navy all day every day) then it is perfectly acceptable to wear a charcoal suit to the office or business meeting.

And then there’s the brown suit…it gets absolutely no respect or even a seat a the dinner table! It’s casted off and banished to the back of the closet like an unwanted step-child. Yes, gentlemen…the brown suit is the black sheep in the family. Etiquette professionals will whine, “it’s too casual looking” or “brown is not appropriate for formal occasions or job interviews”.  Basically, if an event is hella important or is seen as  formal or somewhat classy, the brown suit simply is NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Further contributing to the brown suits dire state is the fact that it is not the easiest color to wear and it can get a bit tricky matching it to the different skin tones (although this can be done with the right shade).

But times they are-a-changin’ and the revenge of the brown suit is in full swing! Whether it’s a lavish and decadent chocolate velvet dinner jacket or a beautiful tweed with specs of golden hues, gentlemen are beginning to favor the “other child”. This brings us to Mr. Pine, who is proving to cynical gentlemen everywhere that (A) brown suits are in deed a stylish option and (B) it is possible to achieve a high level of dapperness while wearing one!  Mr. Pine pulls off a brown suit effortlessly…and that’s saying something! Do you know just how hard it is to pull off a brown suit?  Obviously Mr. Pine doesn’t and he’s here to show us fellas just how great a brown suit can be.  So remember, don’t let the brown suit be your least favorite child. I mean, isn’t it time to a least let him sit at the dinner table this go round? See Mr. Pine in a brown suit and other color suits below!

(image: Getty/Anita Bugge)



In A  Ralph Lauren Tweed Suit (image: FameFlynet)

"Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit" UK Premiere


(image: Getty)



(Image: uk)






(image: FayesVision/WENN)






(image: Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images)



(image: Wenn and Fame/Flynet)



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