Fashion Faves: 6th Entry – Etro F/W 2014

Death By Pattern:

Food For Thought – Gentlemen, have you ever found yourself in the unfortunate situation in which while gazing at your handsome reflection in the mirror and admiring the fine and attractive tailoring on your newly purchased brown gingham trench coat, you realize your outfit still lacks…pizazz?  How dreadful!  Well, I beg you to stop and think calmly and rationally for a minute there.  If only you had a perfectly matching brown gingham waistcoat and dinner jacket to wear with your brown gingham trench coat.  Better yet, if only you had brown gingham dress pants to go with your brown gingham waist coat, dinner jacket and brown gingham trench coat.  Better still, if only you had brown gingham gloves, socks, shoes, briefcase, hat, iPhone case, water bottle, pen and glasses to perfectly match your brown gingham waistcoat, dinner jacket and brown gingham trench coat.  Well gentlemen, wonder no more!  Fortunately for you, Etro’s Fall/Winter Menswear 2014 collection has saved your fashion-challenged derrière yet again :).  For this season, Etro took a pattern and slapped it on every wearable piece of clothing in this collection known to man…for the same outfit.  Seriously, for just one look, the same pattern is replicated on everything but the kitchen sink.  And ya know what?  That may not be out of question here.  That’s right fellas, you soon might be able to match your suit to the sink in your kitchen!  But, I digress.

“Dandy”.  Now that’s a word fellas are throwing around a lot these days.  Basically, as I understand it, “dandy” means (1) a gentlemen who spends an awful lot of time and takes an awful lot of care toward his clothing and personal appearance and (2) something that represents the very best of its kind.  Wait a second…that sums up this Etro menswear collection rather nicely doesn’t it?  A man who wears these suits is meticulous about the look and quality of his clothes and how he will look in those said clothes.  This gentleman is making a  bold statement that says I understand menswear and I look suave doing so.  Furthermore, this collection showcases tailoring at its finest.  Really…it’s pretty breathtaking.  Those slim cut suits make for a devastatingly handsome silhouette on the body.  This tailoring is top-notch, a notion Etro made apparent when it recognized the amazingly talented tailors who crafted these garments by sending them sashaying down the runway hand in hand with models.

Yes, gentlemen.  This show is the epitome of dandy.  It represents the best of the best in tailoring and it is obvious that great care, attention to detail, quality and overall appearance went in to making these clothes…making it just perfect for the fella who prides himself on the same things!  So, is the Etro runway show “death by pattern”?  To some gents, perhaps.  But you gotta admit, it is a fabulously fashionable way to go!  Below are my Fashion Faves for Etro Fall/Winter Menswear 2014. Enjoy!

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What do you think? Love my choices? Hate them? If you have a butthole then you have an opinion…and now would be a good time to share it! Comment below (but please be respectful).


4 thoughts on “Fashion Faves: 6th Entry – Etro F/W 2014

  1. necessities123editor

    Exagerrated, a bit eccentric but still chic! To be honest / certain patterns resemble enormously to Daks of London from previous years / decades, some are similar to those suggested by Lingwood. Anyway, Il Dandissimo could be a good choice for the coming season!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. mistercarpenter Post author

      Yes, I agree. These looks are a bit over the top, but for some reason I like that! And your are correct, this collection does closely resemble Daks of London! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your opinion! I really appreciate it! Happy New Year.

      Liked by 1 person


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