The 2015 Golden Globe Awards: Best Dressed Men (and some Women!)

Well…the 2015 Golden Globe Awards have finally come to an end and what a show it…was? Okay.  I have a little confession to make. For the first time in my entire life, I actually watched the whole freakin’ show and I must tell you that… that was not the most brilliant decision. B-O-R-I-N-G!  Furthermore,  even though I freely and willingly admit to watching the entire thing, I still can’t tell you anything remotely important. Who won Mr. James?  I have no clue. Which movies were nominated? Again, not a clue.  Have you seen any of the movies or television shows nominated? Nope! Well, not unless they’re on Netflix already (haven’t seen those either).

Anyway, I can tell you one thing, Hollywood types are long-winded! I mean WOW. Get off the stage already!  I have an idea. Instead of an acceptance speech, maybe just a photo with your award…ya know…smiling and not talking. It’ll be fantastic. Everybody will know that you won and the public can now see what is really important here… your outfit!  Speaking of fashion, there was quite a bit of it to be seen! In between a hilarious Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, a very uncomfortable and lingering Mr. Cosby joke, a lot of chatter about social justice, and actors sweating bullets (literally)…there was fashion!  Red was a trend, silver/white was a trend and then there was Mrs. and Mr. Amal Almuddin. Well, if you ever had an inkling as to whether or not you were good enough for Mr. Clooney….let me tell you… apparently, you are not! Seriously, this woman is like a super hero or something. The only thing she hasn’t done yet is to find the Holy Grail (give her a week). Now, I must say that I have yet to jump on the Clooney/Alamuddin bandwagon, but any woman who can make white gloves happen in 2015? I may have to hitch a ride. And let’s be honest, I love that the act of Mrs. Clooney attending this little rinky dink show known as the Golden Globes was truthfully like a step down for her. She seems fun. We’re BFFs (in my head).

Back to the clothes! I’m sure there will be plenty of press given to the fabulously dressed ladies (I’m actually including a few with this post), but the emphasis here is on the fashionable men! To sum up the men’s fashion at the Golden Globes…there was… a lot of suits! But, these dapper men stood out amongst the sea of tuxedoes due to the tailoring, fit and color choices! Below are my picks for best dressed men (and some women) at the 2015 Golden Globe Awards. Enjoy!

(images: Jason Merritt/Getty images via &

Matt Bomer




Adrian Grenier


John Legend


Colin Firth


Benedict Cumberbatch

(image: Getty via


The Women (images: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP & Jason Merritt/Getty Images from and )



jessica-chastain-golden-globes-201572nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

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What do you think? Love my choices? Hate them? If you have a butthole then you have an opinion…and now would be a good time to share it! Comment below (but please be respectful).



6 thoughts on “The 2015 Golden Globe Awards: Best Dressed Men (and some Women!)

  1. Dana Fashina

    Cracking up at this entire post!!
    You and Amal, Lol!!
    The men looked great and white was definitely the color to be in for the women and although I didn’t watch it (thankfully) Diane Krueger is one of my top picks for ootn.

    Liked by 1 person


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