Award Show Season Left-Overs: The 2014 GQ Men Of The Year Party

Well, my bow ties, out of all the award shows this season, I must give credit to where credit is due and applaud GQ Magazine for taking advantage of every opportunity (literally) by having the longest most drawn-out awards show/celebration event known to mankind.  The GQ machine  has added so many facets to their “Men of the Year” extravaganzas that neither Rhodes Scholars, rocket scientists, the entire graduating classes of Harvard, Columbia and Yale law schools nor my BFF Amal Alamuddin could figure out or solve the intricate and  complex sequence of events that are the GQ Men of the Year Awards 2014! Listen, when my gurl Ms. Alamuddin can’t even figure this out, we’re in a big trouble peeps. I mean this is a women who I’m sure has at last finally found the Holy Grail (relax, her findings will be released by the most prestigious scholarly publication any moment now).

My, my, where in the hell do we being bow ties?!?  Trying to write this post (or posts… in this case) about this particular awards show was like performing brain surgery with only a scalpel on hand aboard a supersonic concord flight (remember those?) with mindboggling turbulence all while blindfolded. Yea, like that.  A quick Google search yielded so many results my brain became overwhelmed and I was perplexed.  There were different step and repeats, different outfits, different looks, different locations… how does one make sense of it all?  Let’s see… uh… from what I can surmise, there was the main awards show in London, another in Australia and finally a lovely party for the fabulous GQ Men and Women of the Year (the star of this post).

Held at the uber luxurious Chateau Marmont in LA, the 2014 GQ Men of the Year Party was… quite the party… the fashion party that is! Once all the dust settled and the confusion lifted, what was left  was a flawless display of menswear at its finest. With each passing event, the gentlemen brought dashingly dapper white hot looks that only improved with each photo opportunity. You know, there has always been a lot of talk about how men’s fashion has never quite reached the popularity, media coverage and attention that women’s fashion has enjoyed.  Some observers are quick to point out the menswear is not really as versatile or exciting as women’s wear  and thus is not capable of achieving the same notoriety.  Those critics have not seen these photos LOL. If you want to know the correct way for a gentlemen to dress nowadays, look no further than the pictures of this shindig. Any of these looks could and should be used as fashion inspiration for the fashionably challenged man in your life (yes, everyone knows one… or is one :))

So without further ado, I present my best dressed men for the 2014 GQ Men of the Year Awards Party. Enjoy!

Mr. Blake Griffin. Look closely.  Yes, that is a green suit and yes, a green suit actually looks… good! Mr. Griffin proves that every gentleman needs an olive something or other in their wardrobe arsenal… and he’s very convincing with it as well. I also like that Mr. Griffin opted to forgo the expected tie.

Mr. Blake Griffin - GQ Men of The Year Party 2014

Mr.  Nick Kroll is receiving fashion accolades for his gorgeous 3 piece suit and green tie. You know, I don’t see many gentlemen “bring on the dandy” in 3 piece suits that much nowadays.  How dreadful! And after looking at Mr. Kroll, I can’t fathom why the 3 piece is so neglected. Save the whales? Yes! But also save the 3 piece suit from extinction. One look at Mr. Kroll here and I’m sure the 3 piece suit will NOT be on the endangered fashion list much longer.

Mr. Nick Kroll - GQ Men Of The Year Party 2014

Mr. James Mardson is bringing on the chic with his navy blue 3 piece suit and wine colored accent dress shirt that perfectly compliments the color of his suit. Added bonus, the versatility of the wine color allows for more fashion options as the color can appear purple or red wine depending on what you pair it with.

Mr. James Marsden - GQ Men Of The Year Party 2014

Mr. Chadwick Boseman is proving that you can never fail in a gray tailored checkered suit. Well done MR. Boseman!

Mr. Chadwick Boseman - GQ Men Of The Year Party 2014

Mr. Robbie Rogers rocks my signature double-breasted jacket which he pairs with a simple and elegant wine tie.

Mr. Robbie Rogers - GQ Men Of The Year Party 2014

Not only is Mr. Pratt on his way to  becoming a bonafide Hollywood A-lister, but his fashion game is also on the rise. The soon to be released Jurassic World actor opts for a smooth as butter 3 piece navy blue suit and striped tie.

GQ Men Of The Year, Los Angeles, America - 04 Dec 2014

Mr. Ben Feldman is giving Mr. Rogers a run for his sweater money with his ensemble. A perfect option for those gentlemen that want to change it up from the standard 3 piece blue suit.

Mr. Ben Feldman - GQ Men Of The Year Party 2014

Mr. Ansel Elgort is proving that all men should have at least one pinstripe suit in their wardrobe arsenal. Elegant, classic and sophisticated. Pinstripes does a Mr. Elgort good.

Mr. Ansel Elgort - GQ Men Of The Year Party 2014

Mr. Michael Sam was GQ’s Man of the Year Game Changer award recipient. Can the same be said for his fashion? Rocking a checkered navy suit, Mr. Sam wins on an off the field with this look.

Mr. Michael Sam - GQ Men Of The Year Party 2014

Mr. Michael Sam - GQ Men Of The Year Party 2014 (2)

And finally, we have Mr. Nick Jonas who continues his fashion wining streak in this navy smooth as butter suit. Really… take a close look… now that is some nice material. I believe Mr. Jonas may just be a contender for my 2015 Fashion Icon.

Mr. Nick Jonas - GQ Men Of The Year Party 2014

(images: Matt Baron/BEImages 2014, Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images, BFA via

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What do you think? Love my choices? Hate them? If you have a butthole then you have an opinion…and now would be a good time to share it! Comment below (but please be respectful)


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