The 2015 MTV Movie Awards – Best Dressed Men!

I’ve got a burning question I’m sure you bow ties are just dying to answer. Ready?  Which one of you watched the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night?



*Crickets, crickets*

Well… I guess that’s a um… no!  Hahaha! And you know what?  I can’t blame you as I didn’t watch them either.  Let’s be honest here… who really watches MTV anymore.  Seriously, I haven’t watched that channel since the infamous RWLV (Real World: Las Vegas. The original one) aired and was basically a PSA announcement on the dangers of unprotected sex (remember that baby scare?).  Boy were those some sex-crazed kids. Anyway,  the “still trying to remain relevant” network dusted off its once ultra cool and smart awards show, cleaned it up like a bright shiny new toy and took it out for show and tell.  And wouldn’t you know it, famous folks actually showed up… in very, very, interesting looks.  Fashion at this awards show can best be described as a parade of bizarre-nonsensical-tying-to-hard… fashion? If that is what you can call it. Whether people were trying to be too trendy, too different or too edgy, I found it to be all….well… too much!  However, there were some bright flashes of fashion brilliance in the mix and if you had the patience to sift through all the style clutter, you would be rewarded with some great examples of how edgy, cool, unique and even kooky can be done the right way in menswear while still remaining in good taste.

You see, all is not lost with the once heavily influential music channel. At least you can pick up some great style points… instead of great music (remember music MTV? Remember?). My picks for the 2015 MTV Movie Awards best dressed men, below. Enjoy!

As I always say, flawless taste and fashion flirts with crossing the line between unique and daring and being… well… cute! Mr. Jordan is a perfect example of this notion. Wearing a gorgeous Vivian Westwood suit, Montblanc watch, Gentlemen by  David Thomas X JBH lapel pin, Jason of Beverly Hills Diamond Studs, and Givenchy shoes, Mr. Jordan has taken a look that could be deemed to risky or “high fashion” for your everyday gentleman and made it not only wearable but dapper! Well played Mr. Jordan. Well played. Best dressed of the night!

Mr. Michael B. Jordan - 2015 MTV Movie Awards 1

Mr. Michael B. Jordan - 2015 MTV Movie Awards 2

Mr. Zack Gilford

The 2015 MTV Movie Awards - Arrivals

Mr. Logan Paul

The 2015 MTV Movie Awards - Arrivals

Mr. Dylan Sprayberry

The 2015 MTV Movie Awards - Arrivals

Mr. Will Brooks

The 2015 MTV Movie Awards - Arrivals

Fall Out Boy


Plain White T’s

Plain White T's - 2015 MTV Movie Awards

Mr. Miles Teller

The 2015 MTV Movie Awards - Arrivals

(images: Getty Images)

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What do you think? Love my choices? Hate them? If you have a butthole then you have an opinion…and now would be a good time to share it! Comment below (but please be respectful).


13 thoughts on “The 2015 MTV Movie Awards – Best Dressed Men!

  1. missmilabilasprettyfaces

    Haha!!! very funny post, I didn’t watch either in fact I completely forgot they were even on Sunday lol! Oh, back in the day MTV was it, at least they played actual videos and the first 5 seasons of the Real World were the bomb!!! Those days have long gone, I don’t know what happened to MTV since then, but they need to go back to the early 90’s and quick:) I agree Mr. Jordan brought his A game; very unique and sophisticated look, well done!!!


    1. mistercarpenter Post author

      Hi Cecilia, wow thanks so much! I’m so touched that you read the post and actually thought it was funny…you are the BEST person in the world LOL! Thank you for your comment 🙂


  2. Dapper Dave Cash

    Great post! I really liked the casual looks on that were on show. I loved miles teller’s look. Pairing the bomber jacket and tailored trousers was a great choice! It looked smart but you can tell how comfortable he was wearing it.

    Liked by 1 person


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