Fashion Faves: Spring 2016 Menswear Preview – Balmain

It’s a very common problem most gentlemen will have to contend with at least once (if not more) in their lives: What on Earth are you going to wear on your annual African Safari?!?  This is a serious problem bow ties, very serious.  And to make matters worse, you’re going on an African Safari while in the military.  What is a wee little bow tie to do?  Luckily, for all us fashion expedition challenged bow ties, the good Lord has parted the clouds in the sky, come down from the heavens (temporarily) and bestowed the answer in the form of a blessing upon Balmain top ho Mr. Olivier Rousteing’s precious and talented head. The result? The 2016 Balmain menswear show… duh!

Now, although Balmain has a long and revered history which has placed them in contention as one of the premiere fashion houses of all time, all that means… well… nothing! Ha! Balmain truly could not be and was not at the top of the fashion world until it was endorsed by one of the most important person in the ENTIRE world.  Anyone?  Anyone?

Answer: Kim K!  Oh… and Kim K’s husband.

I mean, they practically made Balmain what It is today. Most bow ties wouldn’t have even heard of Balmain if it weren’t  for them… right?

Anyway, as I was saying, Balmain has provided us gentlemen with completely appropriate and totally practical Safari clothing. Whether you choose to just watch and observe the animals or prefer to blow their innocent brains to smithereens, at least you will be in style!  And that’s what’s most important isn’t it? Nothing is worth doing if you can’t do it in style I always say.

The collection was filled with gorgeously detailed jackets, stylish cargo pants and shorts as well as enviously well-crafted bags that’ll definitely make you want to book your safari immediately!  Dusty tans, brilliant beiges and rich khakis dominated the runway which also included a touch of military presence in each look.  The end result was a safari chic, desert sued, military suaveness that I think many gentlemen will enjoy.  Now, does that mean that each of these looks (as they were presented in the collection) sent sashaying down the runway will gracefully translate to a gentlemen’s everyday wear?  Probably not. I mean, let’s face it, there’s a real good chance you’ll look like a freak if you show up to work looking to be the only person dressed to go on a safari… by yourself.  But, but… that is why my first rule for observing runway shows is so incessantly crucial to your overall fashion well-being:  View looks in terms of individual articles of clothing instead of the whole look.  Why? Cause you’ll miss wonderful pieces (like the jackets and bags in this collection) that could be a bit overwhelming for the regular eyeball to take on a daily basis as a whole, but when viewed in terms of pieces and not the whole outfit, gentlemen might have found the formula to fashion success!

So, pack your bags, bring your binoculars, load your guns and thank fashion God Kim K. as we gentlemen are headed to an African Safari… in style this time! My favorite faves for Balmain 2016 Spring Menswear, below. Enjoy!

(All images courtesy of  **Click on pictures for full-size photos!

Balmain Spring 2016 Menswear - Look 1Balmain Spring 2016 Menswear - Look 3Balmain Spring 2016 Menswear - Look 8Balmain Spring 2016 Menswear - Look 9Balmain Spring 2016 Menswear - Look 11Balmain Spring 2016 Menswear - Look 12Balmain Spring 2016 Menswear - Look 13Balmain Spring 2016 Menswear - Look 14Balmain Spring 2016 Menswear - Look 16Balmain Spring 2016 Menswear - Look 18Balmain Spring 2016 Menswear - Look 20Balmain Spring 2016 Menswear - Look 23Balmain Spring 2016 Menswear - Look 29Balmain Spring 2016 Menswear - Look 31Balmain Spring 2016 Menswear - Look 36Balmain Spring 2016 Menswear - Look 41Balmain Spring 2016 Menswear - Look 42Balmain Spring 2016 Menswear - Look 44Balmain Spring 2016 Menswear - Look 45Balmain Spring 2016 Menswear - Look 48

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What do you think? Love my choices? Hate them? If you have a butthole then you have an opinion…and now would be a good time to share it! Comment below (but please be respectful).


15 thoughts on “Fashion Faves: Spring 2016 Menswear Preview – Balmain

  1. moonstone34

    Ugh, the genius that is Olivier Rousteing😍 Is it wrong that there are several pieces I would totally wear myself 😆😆 And the earthy palette is pure perfection!!

    Xo, Jackie

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kia / The House of KTS

    I’ve actually heard of Balmain before Kim K’s weird looking self started wearing it lol. Sorry, I’m just not a big fan. Have you seen her ruffled look lately? Not a good look. I can’t seem to visit a blog without someone mentioning it. Anywho, I am so loving these looks. I think you’ve look amazing in more than 2 of these looks my friend.

    Kia / The House of KTS

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mistercarpenter Post author

      LOL. Thanks Kia! Don’t let Kim K know that you knew of Balmain before she flaunted it to the masses… it could ruin her whole day 🙂 I would also like to take you up on your offer and see if I would actually look good in some of these outfits. Balmain, I hope you are listening LOL



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