Award Show Fashion Review – The 2015 BET Awards: Best Dressed Men!

Well bow ties, the 2015 Janet Jackson BET Awards occurred a few weeks ago and I must admit that I’m still trying to recover from all the sights that flashed across my eyeballs (and I’m not even talking about the fashion!).  Let’s see, Rihanna was there… with duct tape… that she (A) threw in someone’s face backstage and (B) used to apparently tape Mr. Floyd Mayweather’s mouth shut (which may be a good thing for some of you bow ties out there).  Rihanna also debuted a trailer for her brand spankin’ new video, “B**ch Better Have My Money” (A statement I fully endorse) in which she kidnaps the wife of her accountant, tortures her and then… well, eventually kills them both or something?  I don’t know about you, but that definitely spells F-A-M-I-L-Y F-U-N to me!  Then the Bad Boy crew reunited in a throw-back performance of all the record labels biggest hits (don’t you just love the 90’s? Such a feel good era). 112, a barely recognizable Lil’ Kim and Mase (memba him?) were joined on stage by none other than Puff Daddy/P. Diddy/Sean John/whatever he’s going by nowadays who then proceeded to fall through a big a** hole while performing!  This.  Is.  Entertainment. Lot’s of other celebs were there and other stuff did happen like giving out some kind of plaque or something, but none of that matters! Nope. Why you ask? Well, it’s all due to one very important thing.  See below:

The 2015 BET Awards - Janet Jackson (1)

The 2015 BET Awards - Janet Jackson (2)

The 2015 BET Awards - Janet Jackson (3)

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! OMG!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! My MFPITW was present and that is ALL that matters in the world. Oh! Bow ties, you have no idea of the fabulousness that is Ms. Jackson (if you’re Nasty).  Ms. Jackson was in attendance to receive the well-deserved  Ultimate Icon Award and in addition, she was also treated to a celebrity dance tribute performance of her most popular music videos (courtesy of Ciara and Jason Derulo). And I must say,  she looked flawless all throughout the tribute festivities!

Whew!  It’s hard to focus  on anything when a fierce Ms. Jackson is in front of your eyeballs.  So much so that I almost forgot the point of this post!  Uh… fashion?  Fashion… right! Okay, yes, there was a lot of um… interesting men’s fashion at the “Janet Jackson Is Amazing” Awards in a wide range of looks.  Is it just me or does everyone agree that men are increasingly embracing fashion and taking more risks?  I think so and I have to say I find it rather refreshing no matter what the end result looks like.  Bright colors, shorts, a walking cane, and some creative footwear all lead to some bold and unforgettable looks from the gentlemen who sashayed down the red carpet.  And yes, there was even a bow tie or two in the mix.  It’s the 2015 Janet Jackson BET Awards best dressed men. Enjoy!

Mr. Michael B. Jordan. Best dressed of the night and well on his way to becoming my Fashion Icon for 2015. Suits really do love this gentlemen. Plus, check out the kicks!

The 2015 BET Awards - Michael B. Jordan

Mr. Diggy Simmons is looking suave and all grown up in printed gray blazer, white shirt and matching grey slacks. Best dressed of the night!

The 2015 BET Awards - Diggy Simmons

Mr. Boris Kodjoe is bringing on the dapper with his gray/white color combo. Best Dressed of the night!

2015 BET Awards - Arrivals

Mr. Big Sean ditched donut licker Ariana Grande Latte and looks fierce as a result. Best dressed of the night!

The 2015 BET Awards - Big Sean

Mr. Bryshere Y. Gray was anything but in this bright lime green tuxedo jacket. Youthful, fun and dapper. Best dressed of the night!

2015 BET Awards - Arrivals

Mr. Big Tigger is serving some elegance in a classic tuxedo with a bit of a twist:   The purple hue (my signature color) adds just a enough interest to take this look from boring to fresh!

The 2015 BET Awards - Big Tigger

Mr. Anthony Anderson is looking flawless with a black textured tuxedo jacket and burgundy bow tie. Well done Mr. Anderson. Best dressed of the night!

The 2015 BET Awards - Anthony Anderson

Mr. Jidenna goes retro and the end result is pretty suave! What can I say, walking canes are now back in fashion, get one!

Atlantic Records BET Awards After-Party


Mr. B.J. Britt offered a nice break from the rest of the gentlemen at the awards show by opting for sleek and sophisticated blue waistcoat and matching pant combo… and a winning one at that!

The 2015 BET Awards - B.J. Britt

Mr. Jussie Smollett also favors the blue hue and the end result is just as suave. A+++. The shoes, however….

The  2015 BET Awards - Jussie Smollett

Mr. Dondre Whitfield proves that wearing a suit in the teal family is a good thing.  Plus, check out those kicks!

2015 BET Awards - Red Carpet

Mr. Jacob Lattimore keeps it young, cool, casual and fresh. Check out those sneakers.

The 2015 BET Awards - Jacob Latimore

“Let the legs breath,” that appears to be Mr. Chris Brown’s mantra for this awards show. What do we think of this look bow ties?

The 2015 BET Awards - Chris Brown

Seattle superstar quarterback Mr. Russell Wilson recently disclosed that he and girlfriend Ciara ARE NOT HAVING SEX!  You know, cause we need to know that info in order to survive in world.  Has that decision influenced his fashion choices? Take a look below and find out for yourself! Also, is it just me or does Mr. Wilson’s attire look like something Mr. Nick Jonas would have hanging in his closet?

The 2015 BET Awards Russell Wilson

Mr. Morris Chestnut opts for a suit in a pretty sky/baby blue hue.  Was it the right choice bow ties?

The 2015 BET Awards - Morris Chestnut

Mr. Flo Rida goes the opposite of Mr. Chestnut and opts for very a pink suit and some white kicks.  What do we think bow ties?

The 2015 BET Awards - Flo Rida

Mr. Anthony Davis also incorporated some color into his look with this bold red jacket and flashy kicks. Success?

2015 BET Awards - Arrivals

Mr. Bobby Valentino.  This is a… well… interesting look. I must say, the kicks could look really cool if paired with a different ensemble maybe? What do you think bow ties?

The 2015 BET Awards - Bobby Valentino

Mr. Ray McCallum Jr. looks the ultimate of causal coolness in this ensemble. What do you think bow ties?

The 2015 BET Awards - Ray McCallum Jr

(images: Wenn, Earl  Gibson/BET/Getty,, Christopher Polk/Getty, Tonya Wise/PIcutureGroup and the internet)

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What do you think? Love my choices? Hate them? If you have a butthole then you have an opinion…and now would be a good time to share it! Comment below (but please be respectful).


11 thoughts on “Award Show Fashion Review – The 2015 BET Awards: Best Dressed Men!

  1. Dana Fashina

    I didn’t watch the awards but I got all the highlights on the celeb/gossip websites I visit (bold stare – no shame) and like you said it was JUICY!
    I didn’t get the duct tape on Mayweather though but when I heard Ms Jackson is releasing a new album AND going on tour…I said yes LAAAAAWD.

    BBHMM was definitely family fun 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. My Fashion S/ash Life

    Jidenna is my fav by faaar, gotta respect that Pimp Cane. And erm, Bobby Valentino FYI, your ‘stylist’ hates you…Ms Jackson’s smile gives me life, its perfect she’s in white…i love the way you wrote a ‘barely recognisable’ Kim, where did our Kim go??!! Apart from going to too many trips to the surgeon. Can you believe I used to fancy Mase, tsigh….The BadBoy Medley was the Ish and Faith Evans looked and sounded amazing, she’s lost hella weight…anyhoo, I enjoyed reading your review!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mistercarpenter Post author

      LOL at Bobby Valentino! And of course I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Janet.. so she can do no wrong ha! But, I do like Jidenna’s classic style. Thanks so much for stopping by and for your comment 🙂


    1. mistercarpenter Post author

      LOL! I’m here. Things have been just a wee bit hectic, but I’m getting back into the swing of things. Thanks for checking up on me tho… I really appreciate that 🙂 I’ve got a lot of catching up to do hahahahaha!



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