Awards Show Fashion Review: The 2015 MTV Video Music Awards – Best Dressed Men!

Well, bow ties, the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards occurred  a few weeks ago and if you were blissfully unaware that (A) MTV was even still on the air (let alone was still having this awards show) and (B) just flat out didn’t give a flying f**k  because you had more important  things  to do such as  defrosting your freezer or de-scaling  the kettle etc…  YOU. WERE. NOT. ALONE!  That’s right, the now washed-up awards show premiered to absolutely dismal ratings (the lowest in the awards shows history in fact) despite the appearance of some the music industries most over-hyped and popular recording artists performing some of the most over-hyped and mediocre smash hits of today.  Fun times!

Let’s see, Nicki Minaj was there performing some song or other in which she seemed to be more concerned with petting her bone straight and silky brand new weave than actually… uh… performing?  And then in the biggest surprise of the night (i.e. NOT!), Ms. Minaj was joined on stage by none other than Tay-tay Swifty for an ear numbing and slumber inducing rendition of “Bad Blood” that proved (1) that once and for all, their feud (schemed up by each of their publicists) was indeed over and (2) still didn’t distract Ms. Minaj from playing with her weave (and I don’t blame her… it was fabulous… T-R-U-T-H).  Oh, but I will say that for the split second that Ms. Minaj was not distracted by her fab weave, she was cussing out Miley “Please put your tongue back in your mouth” Cyrus… by name… on stage.  Yep.  Not at all staged… allegedly.  Anyway, some other foolery went down (the Biebs was boohooing over something I had no clue about, but I’m pretty sure I don’t care) and truth be told, I actually didn’t really watch it.  HA! I only caught snippets here and there and musical performances on YouTube… and yes, my eyeballs thanked me.  I will however, say that the only glimmer of hope for the awards show came in the form of Tori Kelly’s breakout and soulful performance of her song, “Should’ve Been Us”.  Quick! Somebody grab some of that hype form other non-deserving artists and throw some towards this chick’s direction, she could use some!

Last but not least, there was fashion.  Colorful fashion.  Whether it was your outfit, body or hair, Rainbow Bright definitely let her presence be known everywhere on the red carpet.  It’s the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards Best Dressed Men Most Interesting Looks… and some women too 🙂  Enjoy!

**Be sure to click on pictures for full size image!

Mr. John Legend is looking cool and casual. A+

2015 MTV Video Music Awards - Mr. John Legend

Mr. Nick Jonas. Uh-oh! I have to admit that this look didn’t necessarily do it for me. I know, I can’t believe I’m saying it either, but the head-to-toe leather look from Versace’s fall 2015 menswear line just isn’t my fave.  What do you think bow ties? And have a look at this outfit on the runway below.

2015 MTV Video Music Award - Mr. Nick Jonas

Versace 2015 Menswear Fall - Nick Jonas MTV

Mr. Brooklyn Beckham is definitely taking after his Fashion Icon father… and mother with this hip awards show look. Like father like son… indeed.

2015 MTV Video Music Award - Mr. Brooklyn Beckham

Mr. Justin Beiber’s Kate Plus 8 (but updated) do may be up for debate, but his whole look is every bit right! From the boots to the leather coat = style perfection.

2015 MTV Video Music Award - Mr. Justin Bieber

Mr. Jussie Smollett continues his trend of picking unique and funky looks for the red carpet… and with great success! Keep it up!

2015 MTV Video Music Award - Mr. Jussie Smollett

Speaking of um… unique looks, Mr. Michael Willett (don’t ask me who he is) continues this trend with his printed suit ensemble… which I actually like. Job well done… now, if only somebody could tell me who heck he is…anyone?

2015 MTV Video Music Award - Mr. Michael Willett

I’ve been guilty of having their hit songs, “Shut up and Dance” and “Aquaman”  on constant play on my phone and have yet to tire of them, but can the same be said of their suits splashed in neon paint colors? I kinda like them and the MTV awards show is the perfect place to wear this sort of thing…

2015 MTV Video Music Award - Walk the moon

Mr. Big Sean kept things cool and causal…and looked good while doing so.


Mr. Lewis Hamilton also decided to change things up a bit with this ensemble. What do we think bow ties? Hmmm…this is the 3rd time I’m seeing these brown sued boots. I’m spotting a trend…

2015 MTV Video Music Award Mr. Lewis Hamilton

Mr. Austin Butler kept it classic in this suit.

2015 MTV Video Music Award - Mr. Austin Butler

Mr. Gregg Sulkin

2015 MTV Video Music Award - Mr. Gregg Sulkin

Mr. Shawn Mendez

2015 MTV Video Music Award - Mr. Shawn Mendez

Mr. T-Pain

2015 MTV Video Music Award - Mr. T-Pain

Mr. Jeremy Scott… well, it is colorful.

2015 MTV Video Music Award - Mr. Jeremy Scott

And finally, Mr. Pharrell Williams.. in a lot of… jean material…

2015 MTV Video Music Award - Mr. Pharrell williams

And now the best dressed women….

Ms. Spears – I know some people thought she looked like she was about to perform at “Stars on Ice” but, I like it…

2015 MTV Video Music Award - Ms. Britney Spears

Ms. Lovato

2015 MTV Video Music Award - Ms. Demi Lovato

Ms. Jojo

2015 MTV Video Music Award - Ms. Jojo

Ms. Swift

2015 MTV Video Music Award - Ms. Taylor Swift

(images: Wenn, Getty, internet)

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What do you think? Love my choices? Hate them? If you have a butthole then you have an opinion…and now would be a good time to share it! Comment below (but please be respectful).


20 thoughts on “Awards Show Fashion Review: The 2015 MTV Video Music Awards – Best Dressed Men!

  1. Kia / The House of KTS

    Okay let me just say this… I absolutely love mens fashion. Now maybe it’s me, but what happened to the dapper men. You know the men who actually looked like they were going someplace, even if they weren’t going somewhere important (like the MTV video awards). I’m sorry I want my man to look like a man. There are too many loose tops and boots I would wear LOL. But you’re absolutely right, the MTV awards just isn’t the same… because it only highlights celebs that are full of themselves. They need to change the format, get new talent. That’s why it was exciting years ago, everyone that attended was fairly new or popping at the time. Sorry long comment but you know I adore your blog.

    Kia / KTS

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mistercarpenter Post author

      HA! No, it’s not just you, I also think dapper men are hard to find these days! And you are correct, a lot of trends that were traditionally viewed as being more feminine are now the inspiration for much of the style trends for menswear (think Burberry and Dolce & Gabbana runway shows which both heavily featured lace material), so fashion for men is getting mighty interesting. Thanks so much for your comment 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Kia / The House of KTS

        I mean, as a female, I just want to be the only female in the relationship lol. I understand the need to want to switch things up but sheesh, you can still be dapper without going feminine. It’s all about figuring out style. I think some designers (dare I say it), would rather go with feminine style because it doesn’t require much effort. Food for thought. And this is coming from a person that LOVES fashion. Love this blog.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. mistercarpenter Post author

        LOL.. fashion has flipped everything. The male models look like the female models; the female models look like the male models. Men’s clothes are women’s clothes and vice a versa. Androgyny is the new fashion trend!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Dana @ IveGotCake

    Hahaha! Your write ups are always hilarious and they never disappoint!!
    You said it exactly how I felt about Nicki Minaj and while i did enjoy her fake, not fake, I don’t really give a f*** feud with Miley Cyrus, that was about the only exciting moment in the show to me. And is it just me, or is Justin Bieber starting to look like a girl these days?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mistercarpenter Post author

      Dana! Hahaha, yea… Mr. Biebster and that hair…. talk of the night. But ya know, a lot of people were really preoccupied with hair in some way or another (Hi Ms. Minaj)… it was a “hair” night at the VMAs apparently LOL.


  3. moonstone34

    Oh gosh, I’m so late to this party but let me jump in for a quick sec 🙂 Please tell me that I’m not the only one who thought Bieber’s performance was…what’s the nice way to say lame? And what’s with that haircut. I will say his red carpet look was good 👌 ( except for that damn hair)!
    Sorry Nick Jonas but it’s just not working for me!lol But I love me some Jussie Smollett 😍😍
    To be honest I didn’t watch most of the MTV awards, I grew tired of Miley and her predictable antics…hopefully next year will be better. Remember when award shows were fun to watch?!

    xo, Jackie

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mistercarpenter Post author

      HI Jackie! LOL, yes, I remember when you could actually watch the VMAs…those days are long gone though ha! I agree, I also liked Jussie Smollett and the Bieber…except for that awful hair! Thanks for stopping by and for your comment 🙂


  4. My Fashion S/ash Life

    Hmmmm, honestly on the whole I’m not feeling a lot of these men’s looks- John Legend you’re cute as a button, but in my opinion your legs have no beeswax in leather, Jeremy Scott, I cant, I just cant, T Pain, you’ve lost some weight this is good, now lets work on your style, Pharell your duo matchy matchy look would be cute if the getups were cute…and Greg!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mistercarpenter Post author

      Totally agree. It’s the main reason why I could not go with best dressed and instead opted for “most interesting” looks for the evening. As a whole, the clothes were… fodder for a good fashion conversation hahaha! Thanks so much for your comment 🙂



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