And so it begins… The 2016 Golden Globes Best Dressed Men!

My, my, my… it’s definitely been quite the busy time in the fashion world the past couple of days.  Why you might ask?  Well, I’ll tell you, it’s because the single most important life-changing series of events commenced last week:  Awards Show Season!!!! Ah yes, the time has come.  After months and months of preparation and hard work, the battle of awards shows has finally arrived.  Evil, manipulative,  and deceitful  plans of nominees have been written down on paper, memorized, eaten and swallowed; campaign managers and top glam squad experts have been hauled in and are working countless hours to fool the general public by transforming ugly and overhyped actors into overhyped but seemingly beautiful actors! However,  and most importantly, fashion stylists have been praying to the Fashion Gods for miracles as they starve, stuff, cram, nip, tuck, tape and slap their clients into ridiculously expensive (and many times hideous) fashion ensembles for the all too important red carpet. And let me tell you bow ties, the red carpet is not for the fashion weak. No it is not! I will have you know that ENIRE Hollywood and music careers have been made and broken; have started and ended, with the red carpet. It’s ugly, competitive, but essential to conquer if one expects to have any sort of relevancy.

At the same time, the award shows themselves are in competition to have the honor as the single awards show with the BEST fashion. Last year, it was not pretty and physical violence did occur. But despite it all, the granddaddy of all award shows, The Oscars, proved to be no match for the other shows and slayed the competition.

So here we are bow ties, the stage has been set for an all out awards show battle and drama has already started. Last Wednesday, the People’s Choice Awards (PCA) officially kicked off the Awards show season…  with an absolutely  dismal showing. Oh…it was not good bow ties. So bad in fact that I decided to skip the review of that show all together and review the Golden Globes first (look for my review on the PCAs later)! I know. Anyway, that should come as no surprise as the PCAs have traditionally lacked the fashion competiveness to be grouped in the same league as the Golden Globes or SAG awards etc. The Golden Globes understands this concept and took full advantage. Although the PCAs kick off award show season, it is the Golden Globes which gives us our first “credible” awards show. Actors nominated for the Golden Globes are validated as true thespians that contribute positively to their craft and the overall art of acting… or something. It’s true. Really. In fact, the Golden Globes gives the public at large its first glimpse of A-list celebrities coming out of fashion hibernation and into the front of our eyeballs for the first time (that may NOT be such a great thing if they look a hot mess as our eyeballs will be forced look upon them for quite some time).

Yes bow ties, stock up on bottle water, replenish your batteries and make sure you have plenty of canned foods and warm blankets on hand, the epic battle of award show fashion has begun! It’s the 2016 Golden Globes Best Dressed Men! Enjoy 🙂

Mr. Will Smith – Whew! Where on Earth has Mr. Smith been?!? Although its hard to fathom due to all the  TMI articles we’ve had to endure going viral (thanks to Mrs. Smith) and their polarizing off-spring, spotting Mr. Smith in the flesh has been near impossible…until The Golden Globes. And Mr. Smith doesn’t disappoint. A+

2016 Golden Globes - Mr. Will Smith

Speaking of coming out of hibernation (fashion or any kind of hibernation really), Mr. Jennifer Lopez Casper Smart is looking fresh-faced and dapper… and so is Ms. Lopez!

2016 Golden Globes - Mr. Casper Smart (with Jennifer Lopez)

Mr. Michael B. Jordan is continuing his winning fashion streak with this 3-piece tuxedo. Best Dressed of the night.

2016 Golden Globes - Mr. Michael B. Jordan

Breaking News: Mr. DiCaprio actually won an award… at an award show… for his acting!! God bless this man who is soooooooo often overlooked for his incredible acting skills. Great talent and great fashion…see what happens when you look stylish… WINNING! Best Dressed.

2016 Golden Globes - Mr. Leonardo Di Caprio

Mr. Schreiber is looking very distinguished and classic. Best dressed!

2016 Golden Globes - Mr. Liev Schreiber

Also looking impeccable is last years reigning Hollywood golden boy, Mr. Eddie Redmayne in Gucci.

2016 Golden Globes - Mr. Eddie Redmayne

Not to be outdone is the always polished Mr. Michael Fassbender.

2016 Golden Globes - Mr. Michael Fassbender

Mr. David Oyelowo always opts for a twist on classic menswear and I think his risk paid off. A nice change if you are a gentlemen looking to go against the grain… BTW he’s wearing Dolce & Gabbana.

2016 Golden Globes - Mr. David Oyelowo

Also in Dolce & Gabbana is Mr. John Hamm. Nice.

2016 Golden Globes - Mr. Jon Hamm Gabbana)

Mr. Kevin Hart rebounds nicely from last years fashion mishap with this ensemble.

2016 Golden Globes - Mr. Kevin Hart

Mr. Sam Smith is looking fit and trim in this ensemble.

2016 Golden Globes - Mr. Sam Smith

Mr. Terrence Howard also opted not to go for the traditional black tuxedo… and with suave results. Lookin’ good Mr. Howard, butt wipes does a man good 🙂

2016 Golden Globes - Mr. Terrence Howard

Mr. Gerald Butler looks handsome in Ferragamo.

2016 Golden Globes - Mr. Gerald Butler

Mr. Rami Malek in Dior.

2016 Golden Globes - Mr. Rami Malek

Mr. Patrick Stewart is looking quite dapper!

2016 Golden Globes - Mr. Patrick Stewart

And so is Mr. Matt Damon (who also had to laugh at that joke made at BFF Ben Affleck’s expense…)

2016 Golden Globes - Mr. Matt Damon

Both Mr. Jamie Foxx and his daughter Corrinne looked amazing. Good fashion runs in the family.

2016 Golden Globes - Mr. Jamie Foxx and daughter Corrine Foxx

Funny Man Mr. Aziz Ansari decides to go full on stylish for his ensemble.

2016 Golden Globes - Mr. Aziz Ansari

Even though I think Mr. Bale looks suave, I’m afraid to say anything out of fear that he will go off on some yelling tirade… and we can’t have that when he’s looking so stylish, can we?

2016 Golden Globes - Mr. Christian Bale

The Rock “Dwayne” Johnson is looking superb.

2016 Golden Globes - Mr. Rock (Dwayne) Johnson

While E!’s “Fashion Police” may have had a few… uh… hiccups, the same can not be said for Mr. Brad Goreski.

2016 Golden Globes - Mr. Brad Goreski

Did you know that it has been confirmed that Mr. Jason Statham is engaged?! Yep, to a model. Hey, with Mr. DiCaprio newly single, you got to catch the models before he does. There will be others Mr. DiCaprio. Trust!

2016 Golden Globes - Mr. Jason Statham

Mr. Rob Lowe is looking incredible…

2016 Golden Globes - Mr. Rob Lowe

Hey, its Mr. Orlando Bloom…again…where have ya been?!

2016 Golden Globes - Mr. Orlando Bloom

Mr. Charlie Puth

2016 Golden Globes - Mr. Charlie Puth

Mr. Bryshere Y. Gray

2016 Golden Globes Mr. Bryshere Y. Gray

Mr. John Krasinski

2016 Golden Globes - Mr. John Kransinki

Mr. Sam Heughan

2016 Golden Globes - Mr. Sam Heughan

Mr. Wallstrom

2016 Golden Globes - Mr. Martin Wallström.

And last but certainly not least, Mr. Ryan Gosling and Mr. Brad Pitt

2016 Golden Globes - Mr. Ryan Gosling and Mr. Brad Pitt

(images: eonline, popsugar, vulture,, Getty Images, Reuters, internet)

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What do you think? Love my choices? Hate them? If you have a butthole then you have an opinion…and now would be a good time to share it! Comment below (but please be respectful).


14 thoughts on “And so it begins… The 2016 Golden Globes Best Dressed Men!

  1. moonstone34

    The men did not disappoint last night👏🏿👏🏿 I have to say there were several dapper men on the carpet last night. I really like that David Oyelowo stepped out of the box and wore a printed suit. And Jason Statham 😍 was another one of my favorites. Actually I loved everyone on your list!

    Xo, Jackie

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mistercarpenter Post author

      Hi, thanks for checking in on me 🙂 Everything is fine, I’m now in graduate school full-time and working full-time which doesn’t leave much for me to devote to the blog (unfortunately). However, after things settle, I’ll be back to regularly posting again 🙂 Thanks for checking in on me!

      Liked by 1 person


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