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Fashion Faves: 6th Entry – Etro F/W 2014

Death By Pattern:

Food For Thought – Gentlemen, have you ever found yourself in the unfortunate situation in which while gazing at your handsome reflection in the mirror and admiring the fine and attractive tailoring on your newly purchased brown gingham trench coat, you realize your outfit still lacks…pizazz?  How dreadful!  Well, I beg you to stop and think calmly and rationally for a minute there.  If only you had a perfectly matching brown gingham waistcoat and dinner jacket to wear with your brown gingham trench coat.  Better yet, if only you had brown gingham dress pants to go with your brown gingham waist coat, dinner jacket and brown gingham trench coat.  Better still, if only you had brown gingham gloves, socks, shoes, briefcase, hat, iPhone case, water bottle, pen and glasses to perfectly match your brown gingham waistcoat, dinner jacket and brown gingham trench coat.  Well gentlemen, wonder no more!  Fortunately for you, Etro’s Fall/Winter Menswear 2014 collection has saved your fashion-challenged derrière yet again :).  For this season, Etro took a pattern and slapped it on every wearable piece of clothing in this collection known to man…for the same outfit.  Seriously, for just one look, the same pattern is replicated on everything but the kitchen sink.  And ya know what?  That may not be out of question here.  That’s right fellas, you soon might be able to match your suit to the sink in your kitchen!  But, I digress.

“Dandy”.  Now that’s a word fellas are throwing around a lot these days.  Basically, as I understand it, “dandy” means (1) a gentlemen who spends an awful lot of time and takes an awful lot of care toward his clothing and personal appearance and (2) something that represents the very best of its kind.  Wait a second…that sums up this Etro menswear collection rather nicely doesn’t it?  A man who wears these suits is meticulous about the look and quality of his clothes and how he will look in those said clothes.  This gentleman is making a  bold statement that says I understand menswear and I look suave doing so.  Furthermore, this collection showcases tailoring at its finest.  Really…it’s pretty breathtaking.  Those slim cut suits make for a devastatingly handsome silhouette on the body.  This tailoring is top-notch, a notion Etro made apparent when it recognized the amazingly talented tailors who crafted these garments by sending them sashaying down the runway hand in hand with models.

Yes, gentlemen.  This show is the epitome of dandy.  It represents the best of the best in tailoring and it is obvious that great care, attention to detail, quality and overall appearance went in to making these clothes…making it just perfect for the fella who prides himself on the same things!  So, is the Etro runway show “death by pattern”?  To some gents, perhaps.  But you gotta admit, it is a fabulously fashionable way to go!  Below are my Fashion Faves for Etro Fall/Winter Menswear 2014. Enjoy!

(all images from

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Fashion Faves: 5th Entry – Canali F/W 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Gentlemen, it is now OK to wear your robe to work!

Picture this:  Your alarm clocks sounds and jolts you from a peaceful slumber.  You then roll out of bed, throw on your robe and stumble on down to the kitchen to make a cup of joe while your eyes are still glued shut cause your still half-asleep.  I know many of you are probably thinking, “that’s every morning Mr. James!”.  Of course it is. But, you know what would make your mornings much, much easier?  If you tied your robe, grabbed your briefcase, walked right out the front door and went to work!  How does that sound? How would that look? Well, Canali answers those questions in their F/W 2014 Menswear runway show…and the look is pretty freakin’ suave!

So gentlemen rejoice!  This is good news.  Canali has given the green light for us fellas to throw on our robes and head on out the front door…in public…in broad daylight…where people’s eyeballs can look at you…and it’s OK! Heck, its more than OK, its fashionable!  Granted, the dapper coats that sashayed down the runway are not the old, raggedy, ratchet, shaggy, smelly hot stack of potatoes mess of a thing you call your robe.  No.  So OK, maybe wearing your actual robe to public functions is not the most fashionable idea ever.  But fear not my fellow gentlemen!  All you have to do is upgrade to these amazing Canali coats and if you squint your eyes a little, turn your head slightly to the left, dig deep and use your imagination like never before, it’s pretty much the same thing…only nicer, cleaner and more expensive!

The idea of belting a coat is nothing new for the menswear shows this season. In fact, this trend can also be seen in some of the looks from my past Fashion Faves posts.  However, I think what makes the coats in Canali’s show have such a ‘robe like’ feel (more so than other designers take on this trend) is the material.  It’s lush and comfy while at the same time surprisingly maintains a sophisticated and elegant feeling.  It’s the best of both worlds!  And what a great muse the robe is.  I practically live in mine.  Canali knew that fact and decided to make me a sophisticated version of my very own robe (not really, but that’s what I like to tell myself!). Besides, after seeing the looks in this show, I can imagine myself wearing these coats to a fancy function like a warm snuggly blanket… and who wouldn’t want that!?!  Furthermore, the comfy looks didn’t just end with the coats either.  Suits, trousers, dinner jackets…you name it. They all had  that balanced mixture of comfy and elegance. So, are you brave enough to wear a robe to work?  If it’s  Canali’s… you should be!  Below are my Fashion Faves for Canali Fall 2014 Menswear. Enjoy!

(all images from **Click on pictures for full size photo!

Canali Men's Fall 2014 - Look 1Canali Men's Fall 2014 - Look 2Canali Men's Fall 2014 - Look 3Canali Men's Fall 2014 - Look 5Canali Men's Fall 2014 - Look 7Canali Men's Fall 2014 - Look 8Canali Men's Fall 2014 - Look 10Canali Men's Fall 2014 - Look 11Canali Men's Fall 2014 - Look 12Canali Men's Fall 2014 - Look 14Canali Men's Fall 2014 - Look 15Canali Men's Fall 2014 - Look 16Canali Men's Fall 2014 - Look 19Canali Men's Fall 2014 - Look 23Canali Men's Fall 2014 - Look 27Canali Men's Fall 2014 - Look 34Canali Men's Fall 2014 - Look 42

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Fashion Faves: 4th Entry – Berluti F/W 2014


Boiled cashmere is what all the stylish men (except for you) are wearing:

The Berluti show was absolutely stunning.  Amazing!  Breathtaking even.  Now, mind you, I…um…was not actually at the show, but nevertheless, the debonair suaveness of it all was front and center (even from my computer monitor in my room).  Gorgeous three-piece suits, sleek trench coats that were as smooth as butter and effortlessly handsome tuxedos all added to the extremely high level of dapperness that flowed throughout these looks.  And what could be the cause of all this exquisite flawlessly crafted menswear?  Two words: Boiled Cashmere.  That’s right! Boiled Cashmere…and that’s not all! Berluti artistic direct, Mr. Sartori then took two layers of that cashmere, sandwiched wool between the two, added a “technical membrane” which KO’s wind and water damage and called it a day. Whew! Boiled cashmere is freakin’ awesome! The show also included a never-before-seen life altering change by adding…wait for it…slanted pockets to a double-breasted dinner jacket!  There was also some tailored tinkering done with the shoulder area which allows you to move your arms and stuff a lot more than ever before.  I believe one fashion reviewer referred to it as an “intarsia pleat”.   I’m not really sure what that means, but I can assure you that while it may be hard to fully comprehend exactly what these tailoring tidbits mean, they are the big reason that these clothes are so unbelievably divine and well made.  It’s like when you see a well-dressed person and right away you can tell just by looking at them that the clothes they’re wearing are of the highest quality money can buy.  Yes, adding a slanted pocket to a dinner jacket may seem trivial to the untrained fashion eyeball, but just that little detail can really improve the fit, shape and overall silhouette of your attire.

Oh, and one more thing…when the world ends and humans have long since left the planet and nothing is left of this Earth but a cloud of galaxy dust…if you were to look in that cloud of dust, you would find a Berluti boiled cashmere bomber jacket in pristine condition.  Mr. Sartori wasn’t kidding when he said these pieces would last forever!  Below are my Fashion Faves for Berluti Fall 2014. Enjoy!

(images: all images courtesy of **Click on photos for full size image!

Berluti's Men Fall 2014 - Look 2Berluti's Men Fall 2014 - Look 5Berluti's Men Fall 2014 - Look 8Berluti's Men Fall 2014 - Look 10Berluti's Men Fall 2014 - Look 11Berluti's Men Fall 2014 - Look 13Berluti's Men Fall 2014 - Look 14Berluti's Men Fall 2014 - Look 15Berluti's Men Fall 2014 - Look 16Berluti's Men Fall 2014 - Look 17Berluti's Men Fall 2014 - Look 18Berluti's Men Fall 2014 - Look 19Berluti's Men Fall 2014 - Look 20Berluti's Men Fall 2014 - Look 23Berluti's Men Fall 2014 - Look 28Berluti's Men Fall 2014 - Look 33Berluti's Men Fall 2014 - Look 34Berluti's Men Fall 2014 - Look 38Berluti's Men Fall 2014 - Look 43


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Fashion Faves: 3rd Entry – Corneliani F/W 2014


I recently ate lunch with a co-worker of mine and over salads and harmless office gossip, we managed to get in some good “people watching” time.  I must say,  people are very interesting  characters, but even more interesting are their outfit choices. Especially the men.  What’s going on there?  I’m not sure, but I do know that one thing that stood out to me  was just how casually dressed the corporate world has become over the years. Business attire ain’t what it used to be! Moreover, this casual dress trend looks to be the new “black” in the fashion world. Gone are the days of  stuffy and conservative buttoned up to there suit and tie uniforms only to be replaced by  much more relaxed and fluid looks. Translation: the rise of the casually dressed businessman is here to stay…well, maybe not permanently. Not if Corneliani has anything to do with it! As I looked through this collection, I couldn’t help feeling all formal and dressed up like.  This led me to realize that I really like a sophisticated and elegant look when it comes to menswear, and apparently, so does Corneliani.

Now as I previously stated, here I was viewing this runway show as “dressy,” only to find out by reading one fashion writers review of the show that this collection was actually  toned down and more casual than normal.  Really?!?  Color me shocked. This is Corneliani’s version of bringing it down a notch? Wow. I need to live in their impeccably dressed world stat! On the other hand, maybe I’m so used to seeing “casual office attire” being passed off as “business attire” that I forgot what actual business attire looks like!  Anyway, I think my tired eyeballs would thank me to infinity and beyond if the men (including myself) in my building came to work wearing these looks (especially numbers 13, 14 and 34! 🙂 ). I don’t know about you, but I  certainly like Corneliani’s way of doing things.  Below are my fashion faves for Corneliani Fall 2014 Menswear. Enjoy!

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Corneliani Men's Fall 2014 - Look 2Corneliani Men's Fall 2014 - Look 5Corneliani Men's Fall 2014 - Look 6Corneliani Men's Fall 2014 - Look 7Corneliani Men's Fall 2014 - Look 11Corneliani Men's Fall 2014 - Look 13Corneliani Men's Fall 2014 - Look 14Corneliani Men's Fall 2014 - Look 18Corneliani Men's Fall 2014 - Look 23Corneliani Men's Fall 2014 - Look 26Corneliani Men's Fall 2014 - Look 28Corneliani Men's Fall 2014 - Look 29Corneliani Men's Fall 2014 - Look 33Corneliani Men's Fall 2014 - Look 34Corneliani Men's Fall 2014 - Look 35Corneliani Men's Fall 2014 - Look 39Corneliani Men's Fall 2014 - Look 40Corneliani Men's Fall 2014 - Look 44

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Fashion Faves: 2nd Entry – Burberry Prorsum F/W 2014

Burberry says it’s OK to wear a scarf and then proceeds to teach us how to tie one!

After looking through the Burberry slide show over at, a number of things were brought to my attention. However, none were more apparent than the fact of how chilly I was…especially my neck. I needed a scarf and thankfully Burberry was here to remind me of that. Do men wear scarves? Of course they do. But, I mean…how many men really do you see wearing scarves on a regular basis?  Well, Burberry is here to say yes. Yes to the man scarf…and I LOVE IT! If the Burberry fashion show was a classroom and the looks were the lesson plan of the day, you would learn that the man scarf is in, say yes please to bold colors and patterns, oversized bags are the way to go and wearing a blanket can be pretty darn suave looking. So, wear a scarf…a bold print scarf. It’s what Burberry taught us…the best teacher in the world! Below are my fashion faves for Burberry Prorsum Fall 2014 Menswear.

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Burberry Prorsum: Fall 2014 Menswear (all photos courtesy of *Click on photos for full-size image


Burberry Prorsum Men's Fall 2014 - Look 19Burberry Prorsum Men's Fall 2014 - Look 20Burberry Prorsum Men's Fall 2014 - Look 21Burberry Prorsum Men's Fall 2014 - Look 22Burberry Prorsum Men's Fall 2014 - Look 23Burberry Prorsum Men's Fall 2014 - Look 24Burberry Prorsum Men's Fall 2014 - Look 25Burberry Prorsum Men's Fall 2014 - Look 36

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