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The gentlemen placed under this category have raised men’s fashion to monolithic proportions with their dapper and envious style choices. Fashion this good has me wishing that their wardrobe pieces were in MY closet. If you want to know what my style is, look no further! These guys have stolen my look… for 2015!

Fashion Icon 2015: Mr. Nick Jonas

Well my bow ties, 2015 has come and gone in the flash of an eyeball blink and with it, all the fashion hits, misses, embarrassments, triumphs and eyeball rolling induced ensembles will fade away into oblivion, soon to be lost in our memories forever. But fear not my fellow bow ties, what better way to celebrate the new year of 2016 and move fashionably forward (for some of you) than by taking a look back at the past (yes, you read that sentence correctly). That’s right! The time has come to pay our fashion respects where fashion respects are due. Yep, it’s the 2015 Fashion Icon series… Happy New Year indeed 🙂

I must say, for a bow tie to receive a Fashion Icon award from the Gentlemen’s Style Academy is the highest of any fashion honor. This is something celebrities strive for their ENTIRE lives, it’s an award that makes the few select recipients in Hollywood (and elsewhere) more important than everyone else… and better looking. Lastly, it puts the “cred” in the oh so valuable “street cred”. So who is the first extremely blessed bow tie who should be forever grateful to have been bestowed this highly prestigious honor? Ex-boy band member Nick Jonas!!

There was an episode of Sex and the City where Samantha confidently declares to her man piece of the moment, “First the gays, now the girls!”  Well, Mr. Jonas has taken that mantra, flipped it and hasn’t looked back since.  Being the clever bow tie that he is, the youngest Jonas brother is working hard to prove he’s got versatility as an actor by taking on not only gritty dramatic roles but witty and deliciously trendy acting jobs that give a nice wink to Mr. Jonas’s carefully crafted hunky and sexually fluidish image. I see you Nicky. Smart.   Whew! Mr. Jonas has come a long way from his days as one of the Mouse ears biggest meal tickets… the Jonas Brothers. Since those days of yore, Mr. Jonas has managed to kick the “Jonas Brothers” (along with his actual brothers) to the curb, slip off his once immovable purity ring and carve out a pretty impressive solo music and acting career along the way. However, what’s more impressive is that whilst implementing his plan to drop his brothers (and virginity) like a hot potato, Mr. Jonas simultaneously looked absolutely AMAZING while doing so. Now that is something to be proud of. Nothing earns my accolades more than an impeccably dressed person implementing and succeeding in their evil and manipulative plans. To that I say well done Mr. Jonas. Well done.

Congrats to Mr. Nick Jonas,  the 1st  recipient of The Gentlemen’s Style Academy’s Fashion Icon 2015!

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Three Lions Entertainment Presents Fashion Rocks 2014 - Backstage

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BBC Radio 1's Teen Awards - Arrivals

The Friars Foundation Presents The Lincoln Awards: A Concert For Veterans & The Military Family - Arrivals

Style Icon - Nick Jonas 12

<> at Amalie Arena on December 19, 2015 in Tampa, Florida.

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Style Icon - Nick Jonas 15

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