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The gentlemen placed under this category have raised men’s fashion to monolithic proportions with their dapper and envious style choices. Fashion this good has me wishing that their wardrobe pieces were in MY closet. If you want to know what my style is, look no further! These guys have stolen my look!

Fashion Icon: Honorable Mention – Daniel Radcliffe

I almost jumped on the bandwagon.  I truly did.  I skipped myself on over to the bookstore, intent on buying my very first book of its kind. The hoopla was real.  Everywhere I turned praise and favorable critiques echoed in my ears like a ringing noise that just wouldn’t subside.  I made the mistake of mentioning this book — excuse me, masterpiece to basically any one of my acquaintances and as a result, I had to hear non-stop gushing and admiration for this novel for literally 5 long and excruciating hours.  I get it!  This manuscript has ended the dark ages and ushered in a whole new era of enlightenment and artistic genius.

Well, at the bookstore, I was greeted by a very friendly staff who already know what I had come for… even though I never uttered a peep!  I was directed toward a section of the store and it was certainly a sight to behold.  It was incredible.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.  Before me stood one of the most gorgeous book displays I had ever seen.  Whimsical, enchanting, colorful, it was like a mystical window display plopped right down in the middle of the store.  I was starting to get excited now.  “Look at the art detail on that book cover,”  I thought to myself.  As I examined the book in all its fabulousness, my eyes managed to barely skim over some digits… if only for a split second.  I saw the numbers 70.00.  Hmmm… just as I was about to move on to my next thought, it hit me.  WAIT! $70.00 USD?!?  Whoa nelly is that the price of this book?!?  Beads of sweat formed across my brow, my heart began to race and my vision blurred. My God, isn’t there a freakin’ movie of this I can go see instead?  A few short weeks later my rhetorical question was answered when “Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone” opened nationwide in theaters. A moment when I, along with billions of other eyeballs caught our very first glimpse of the wide-eyed and bushy tailed boy wizard played by none other than Harry’s doppelganger, Mr. Daniel Radcliffe.

And that was just the start. Our eyeballs had to get used to it as we saw a whole lot more of Mr. Radcliffe (or DanRad  as he is affectionately known to his diehard, rabid fans) over the years as the Potter films skyrocketed in popularity…and stuffed the pockets of rags to riches author J. K. Rowling at the same time!  With popularity comes exposure and Mr. Radcliffe definitely has received his fair share. Magazine covers, red carpet photo ops, talk show appearances… the list could go on and on.  As a result, Mr. Radcliffe’s fashion choices were put on full display.  But, I have noticed something a bit interesting with the former Harry Potter. Something that was not a characteristics of past honorable mentions.  Mr. Radcliffe has managed to look flawlessly dapper in print editorials, but for some reason, it doesn’t always translate to his red carpet appearances.  But, I am seeing enough “hints” of debonair style here in there that it peaked my style curiosity and placed Mr. Radcliffe on my “one to watch” list.

Like many child actors before him, Mr. Radcliffe was  well aware of the “type-casting”  trap that has eaten away at so many young actors careers. Determined to break free from the child actor curse, Mr. Radcliffe quickly and smartly followed in the footsteps of Mr. Efron and any of the Jonas brothers by suddenly falling into the “I’m a real actor/musician/whatever” sales pitch and proving to the world that he has genuine, legit acting chops.  How does one do this you ask?  Four words.  Indie Films and Theatre!!!  That’s right.  Mr. Radcliffe has avoided the lure of big Hollywood blockbusters in favor of low budget Indie flicks and theatre productions that have allowed him to portray his raw and emotional acting skills.  He also dropped his pants and got butt naked on stage.  As a result, Mr. Radcliffe has positioned himself as a serious actor and an “Indie darling” all the while remaining the exact same height!  Now that is talent.  If you think about it, Mr. Radcliffe’s fashion sense also went on a similar journey. As he makes the transformation from popular child star to A-list adult, his fashion has also transformed.  Although not quite as successfully as his career, Mr. Radcliffe is showing some flashes of fashion brilliance. For this reason, Mr. Radcliffe has been named my Fashion Icon: Honorable Mention. I can’t wait to see what kind of fashion he offers up this year (I will be watching you DanRad. Take heed).

Watch Mr. Radcliffe work his fashion magic, below.

Mr. Daniel Radcliffe 02

Mr. Daniel Radcliffe 01

Mr. Daniel Radcliffe 03

Mr. Daniel Radcliffe 04

Mr. Daniel Radcliffe 05

Mr. Daniel Radcliffe wearing Ermenegildo Zegna 06

Mr. Daniel Radcliffe wearing Alexander Olch 07

Attitude Magazine Awards 2013 - Arrivals

Mr. Daniel Radcliffe 09

Daniel Radcliffe

Mr. Daniel Radcliffe 11

Mr. Daniel Radcliffe 12

Mr. Daniel Radcliffe 13

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We’re All In This Together! Fashion Icons: Honorable Mentions – Zac Efron

Confession: As a child of the 80’s (the best decade ever to be a child BTW), I was obsessed with two shows – “Kids Incorporated” and “The New MMC.”  If you aren’t familiar with these programs, there’s a good chance you are very familiar with some of the now enormously successful celebrities who can thank these shows for giving them their big break.  In fact, one could argue that these two programs (and their parent  network) are largely responsible for manufacturing a high percentage of the young (or somewhat young) Hollywood elite today.  So, who or what is behind this star making phenomena?  I’ll give you a hint – it’s got big ears and lives in Florida.  Yes, that’s right!  It’s the Disney Channel and their main pimp… Mickey Mouse :).

*Sigh*  During the 80’s all the way to the mid 90’s , these shows were IT for me.  Actually, a lot of shows on Disney were doing it for me.  They can turn out some awesome programming and as we’ll see in a minute, unbelievably talented kids.  Joining legends like Annette Funicello and Haley Mills, celebrities such as Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Ryan Gosling (dancing to hip hop no less…really. YouTube it!), Keri Russell and JC Chase all began on the “All New Mickey Mouse Club.”  Fergie, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Mario Lopez, Eric Balfour and 80’s teen sensation Martika can thank Kids Incorporated for their career starts!

But Disney didn’t stop there, the 2000’s ushered in a whole new wave of now famous Hollywood stars and musicians.  Demi Lovato, Hilary Duff, Lindsey Lohan (before… you know), Selena Gomez, Raven-Symone, The Jonas Brothers, Shia LaBeouf and then there’s Miley Cyrus – enough said!  However, Disney really turned it up several notches when they introduced to the world a little juggernaut known as… “HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL,” which subsequently introduced a young and unknown actor by the name of…drum roll please… Zac Efron!  And just like that “Troy”  appeared before our eyeballs for the very first time.  Well… the rest as they say is history!

As is the norm for these young Disney celebs, Mr. Efron soon grew increasingly restless and bored with the house of mouse ears and sought to grow and challenge himself artistically (i.e. he got the hell out!). Mr. Efron’s  dead set on proving to us all that he is now a serious, credible adult actor. So, let’s fast-forward over some crucial “road to adulthood events” such as a major teen idol break up (Vanessa Hudgens), a stint in rehab for drug and alcohol abuse, a not at all staged condom drop at a movie premiere, some box office misses, some box office hits… and say hello to the adult Mr. Efron. Hello!

No.  Mr. Efron is not just some basketball jock threatening to burst out singing random annoying show tunes while showcasing fancy footwork. Nope.  He’s got street cred now. I mean, he was in “The Paperboy”…. where his character gets peed on… by Nicole Kidman!!! You can’t get more authentic acting chops than that my fearless bowties! And just as little Master Efron transformed into Mr. Efron right before our eyeballs, so too did his fashion sense. The result? A stylish and suave young man that gives off just a hint of Old Hollywood glamour a la James Dean… lil’ bit! For these reasons, Mr. Efron has caught my fashion eyeball and he is now on my radar as a super stylish gentleman to look out for. So let’s appreciate the transformation of Mr. Efron into an adult with a credible acting career. For those of you who miss the Efron of yore (you know who you are), no need to fret! You just need to remember one thing, no matter where Mr. Efron’s career takes him, he will always remind you that you are a… WILDCAT, you’re number one. Hey Wildcat, you’re the champion! Hey now, hey now. We’re all in this together… hahaha! I couldn’t resist.

(images: WENN, Jason Merritt Getty Images 2011/2014,







lucky one adelaide premiere 130412


Premiere Of Universal Pictures' "Neighbors" - Arrivals


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Fashion Icons: Honorable Mentions – Luke Evans

You might recognize Mr. Evans (no relation to this Mr. Evans) from his leading role as Vlad III Tepres/Dracula in Universal’s “Dracula Untold.”  No?  Haven’t a clue what I’m talking about?  Didn’t see the movie?  Well, you’re not alone because neither did a lot of people… apparently!  Furthermore, I can’t really name any other films that my eyeballs have had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Evans act in.  You know, Mr. Evans is like one of those actors that you recognize, but you don’t know from where… but you know you know you’ve seen them… somewhere… in something?  Yea, Mr. Evans is that actor.

I must tell you, the critics were not very kind to “Dracula Untold.”  They basically recommended that you not see it.  They whined that the movie didn’t know whether to be a horror or superhero/action film blah-blah-blah…. Well, instead of focusing on what you don’t need to see, let’s turn our attention to what you do need to see… Mr. Evans’ impeccable fashion!

With such a flawless fashion style, I’ll definitely plunk down my hard-earned cash to watch at least one of his films (I just haven’t done it yet).  Mr. Evans is giving me “debonair defined” in  a gorgeous double-breasted suit,  “tailored to within an inch of his life” three-piece suits and is making olive-green happen in a delicious velvet dinner jacket… and that’s just the start!  It should be clear by this point why Mr. Evans has caught my fashion eyeball and is now on my “must watch list” when it comes to fashionable gentlemen for 2015!  If he keeps this up, he’ll probably end up one of my… dare I say it… Fashion Icons for 2015 (yes, it’s that deep children)!

Fun Fact: “Dracula Untold” cashed in over $56 million in North America and over $159 million across the globe for a grand total of over $215 million.  Sooo this movie still made bank at the box office, so much dough that a sequel is said to be in the works.  Obviously, somebody went to see this movie and obviously, it was because they saw Mr. Evans wearing that fabulous double-breasted suit at the premiere. As I always say, never under-estimate the power of great fashion! It can get you a date, a job (its true, it has happened to me), envious gazes, and it even has the power to get people to see your movie despite a story line that is apparently a hot stack of potatoes… allegedly.   As for me, I’m totally, totally going to see Mr. Evans’ next movie…whatever that is… whenever it comes out? In the meantime, I’m going to figure how I can replicate these looks below for myself. Join me!




(image: Lankmark/PR Photos via


(image: Rex Features via




Universal Pictures And Legendary Pictures Present a Special Screening of "Dracula Untold"



baftas4Luke-Evans-000-36English National Ballet Christmas Party - InsideLuke EvansLEvans_GQ_03Aug12_Getty_b


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Fashion Icon: Honorable Mentions – Thom Evans

So… I bet you’re probably thinking to yourself right now, who in the hell is Thom Evans?  Well,  I will have you know that… I haven’t a freakin’ clue!  But, the man knows how to dress and looks absolutely incredible in his fashion choices and that’s all I really care about!  Oh alright, I did take it upon myself to at least Google the guy and boy oh boy did I see a whole heck of a lot more of Mr. Evans than my eyeballs (and myself) were prepared to see!  Apparently, Mr. Evans pulled a “Kim Kardashian” a few years ago by dropping trou and posing completely in the buff (i.e. full frontal) with his brother for the Dieux Du Stade (NSFWish) annual calendar.  Yes, you read that sentence correctly.

Fun Fact: Mr. Evans and his brother are not the only siblings that posed butt naked for the charitable calendar which features players of the French rugby team, Stade Française (and now other athletes as well). STOP! Well… there’s our answer! Mr. Evans is or was a rugby player and is also known for dating this delicate flower (click me!).  Okay, I’m not really sure who she is either, but it appears she’s a model/actress something or other from England. Anyway, I don’t know about you, but I think Mr. Evans looks just as good with his clothes… on? I know. I know. It’s true though.  I have proof!  Honestly, Mr. Evans fashion style is on point. And I love that he favor’s a shawl lapel for his jackets (such a great option I say). This is one of the reasons he is now on my fashion radar! With looks like these, Mr. Evans is on his way to becoming my Fashion Icon for 2015…now that’s something to strive for!

And although he does look dapper with his clothes on, I’m not gonna hate…Mr. Evans does look pretty good in the buff…almost as good as me 🙂 Almost. When asked why he decided to pose in his birthday suit, Mr. Evans replied (via the Daily Mirror) that he was “comfortable with what he was packing.”  Well….to that I say, do you bro…I ain’t mad at cha (and I have a feeling a lot of other people won’t be all that upset either)

Fun fact #2: Did you know this gentleman audition for the part of Christian Grey in the movie version of “Fifty Shades of Grey”?  Now you do! You’re welcome 🙂 Photos of a covered up Mr. Evans below.

This rich and luxurious velvet jacket in my signature color is just scrumptious! (image:

Attitude Awards - London

The shawl lapel on his jacket adds the perfect dash of dapper! (image:


In green velvet (image:


In a patterned dinner jacket (image;


In a tux


In a three-piece suit (image:

Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve Welcome Home Party, John Walker & Sons Voyager, Prince of Wales Dock, Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

In Looks from the Aston Martin Collection by Bespoke HQ… (images:



In Pink (images:


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Fashion Icon: Victor Cruz (A Fashionable Soap Opera)

Okay.  I’m not ashamed to admit it.  I LOVE me a good soap opera!  Ah… the lying. The cheating.  The Killing. The backstabbing.  The bad acting and the fake tears? Yeeeesssss! This brings joy to my life people.  Soap operas are “must-see-television”. In fact, they are almost better than Lifetime movies….almost (“Killing Daddy” or “Dirty Teacher”.  These are classics).  But my favorite soap of all time would have to be OLTL (aka One Life To Live). Oh the mere mention of that show excites me right down to my very core!  This is storytelling done right.  Julia Roberts? Sit down! Angelina Jolie? Get outta here!  OLTL? This is acting. Take note.

Anyway, I’m sure you can only imagine how I took the life shattering absolutely devastating news that (*deep sigh*) OLTL had been… (*clearing throat*)… cancelled.  I still haven’t been able to bring myself to watch anything on ABC till this day (not really).  However, just as I was on the edge of the depths of despair…The NFL 2014 season began and a whole new wave of drama ensued! Drug suspensions, beat downs, court trials, elevator video cameras, car accidents, fights, season ending injuries, Rodger Goodell… whew! Drama for days!

Mr. Cruz here has had his fair share of drama this season (his would fall under that little season ending injuries category).  Somewhere in the midst of catching balls, racking up yards, and performing flawless salsa infused TD dances, Mr. Cruz suffered a patella tendon tear (ouch!) and just like that his season was six feet under. Truth be told, he didn’t miss much. It’s not like the NY Giants are on the verge of a championship ring or even the playoffs (The Giants fearless leader aka Mr. Eli Manning failed yet again to lead his team into the playoffs for the fifth time in six years…yikes!). The Giants need Mr. Cruz, but that little tendon tear is  making it just a wee bit difficult.

Fortunately for our eyeballs, Mr. Cruz has not let his good fashion sense fall by the wayside as a result of all this hoopla! This is one of the reasons Mr. Cruz is my Fashion Icon. He has taught us gentlemen a very valuable lesson…no matter how much drama is going on around you…. you can still look great under any circumstance (just like in my soaps…I mean who looks that fab while crying their guts out?). Mr. Cruz’s style is cool, polished and classic with an urban edge… a winning combination in my fashion playbook! Will Mr. Cruz be healthy enough to play next season or is that torn tendon a one way ticket to the island of retired NFL players? I don’t know, but I’m sure either way, Mr. Cruz will be stylish…at least.

(image: GQ Magazine, UK)

(image: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images)

Slaven Vlasic - Getty Images

(image: Kevin Mazur/Wireimage)

victor-cruz Kevin Mazur - wireimage


NFL-player-Victor-Cruz-hit-red-carpet popsugar

Victor-Cruz popsugar

(image: Getty Image via

Getty image via gossicop



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