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Congratulations are in order for Mr. Cruz. He is the recipient of the 2014 Fashion Icon award! Now that’s way better than a Super Bowl ring.

Fashion Icon: Victor Cruz (A Fashionable Soap Opera)

Okay.  I’m not ashamed to admit it.  I LOVE me a good soap opera!  Ah… the lying. The cheating.  The Killing. The backstabbing.  The bad acting and the fake tears? Yeeeesssss! This brings joy to my life people.  Soap operas are “must-see-television”. In fact, they are almost better than Lifetime movies….almost (“Killing Daddy” or “Dirty Teacher”.  These are classics).  But my favorite soap of all time would have to be OLTL (aka One Life To Live). Oh the mere mention of that show excites me right down to my very core!  This is storytelling done right.  Julia Roberts? Sit down! Angelina Jolie? Get outta here!  OLTL? This is acting. Take note.

Anyway, I’m sure you can only imagine how I took the life shattering absolutely devastating news that (*deep sigh*) OLTL had been… (*clearing throat*)… cancelled.  I still haven’t been able to bring myself to watch anything on ABC till this day (not really).  However, just as I was on the edge of the depths of despair…The NFL 2014 season began and a whole new wave of drama ensued! Drug suspensions, beat downs, court trials, elevator video cameras, car accidents, fights, season ending injuries, Rodger Goodell… whew! Drama for days!

Mr. Cruz here has had his fair share of drama this season (his would fall under that little season ending injuries category).  Somewhere in the midst of catching balls, racking up yards, and performing flawless salsa infused TD dances, Mr. Cruz suffered a patella tendon tear (ouch!) and just like that his season was six feet under. Truth be told, he didn’t miss much. It’s not like the NY Giants are on the verge of a championship ring or even the playoffs (The Giants fearless leader aka Mr. Eli Manning failed yet again to lead his team into the playoffs for the fifth time in six years…yikes!). The Giants need Mr. Cruz, but that little tendon tear is  making it just a wee bit difficult.

Fortunately for our eyeballs, Mr. Cruz has not let his good fashion sense fall by the wayside as a result of all this hoopla! This is one of the reasons Mr. Cruz is my Fashion Icon. He has taught us gentlemen a very valuable lesson…no matter how much drama is going on around you…. you can still look great under any circumstance (just like in my soaps…I mean who looks that fab while crying their guts out?). Mr. Cruz’s style is cool, polished and classic with an urban edge… a winning combination in my fashion playbook! Will Mr. Cruz be healthy enough to play next season or is that torn tendon a one way ticket to the island of retired NFL players? I don’t know, but I’m sure either way, Mr. Cruz will be stylish…at least.

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