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Mr. Radcliffe has definitely come along way since his turn as the boy wizard Harry Potter. DanRad has successfully transitioned into a full fledged Hollywood Golden Boy. But, does he sill possess enough magic to transform into a sleek, stylish and dapper fashion Icon? Let’s hope that Hogwarts education pays off!

Fashion Icon: Honorable Mention – Daniel Radcliffe

I almost jumped on the bandwagon.  I truly did.  I skipped myself on over to the bookstore, intent on buying my very first book of its kind. The hoopla was real.  Everywhere I turned praise and favorable critiques echoed in my ears like a ringing noise that just wouldn’t subside.  I made the mistake of mentioning this book — excuse me, masterpiece to basically any one of my acquaintances and as a result, I had to hear non-stop gushing and admiration for this novel for literally 5 long and excruciating hours.  I get it!  This manuscript has ended the dark ages and ushered in a whole new era of enlightenment and artistic genius.

Well, at the bookstore, I was greeted by a very friendly staff who already know what I had come for… even though I never uttered a peep!  I was directed toward a section of the store and it was certainly a sight to behold.  It was incredible.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.  Before me stood one of the most gorgeous book displays I had ever seen.  Whimsical, enchanting, colorful, it was like a mystical window display plopped right down in the middle of the store.  I was starting to get excited now.  “Look at the art detail on that book cover,”  I thought to myself.  As I examined the book in all its fabulousness, my eyes managed to barely skim over some digits… if only for a split second.  I saw the numbers 70.00.  Hmmm… just as I was about to move on to my next thought, it hit me.  WAIT! $70.00 USD?!?  Whoa nelly is that the price of this book?!?  Beads of sweat formed across my brow, my heart began to race and my vision blurred. My God, isn’t there a freakin’ movie of this I can go see instead?  A few short weeks later my rhetorical question was answered when “Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone” opened nationwide in theaters. A moment when I, along with billions of other eyeballs caught our very first glimpse of the wide-eyed and bushy tailed boy wizard played by none other than Harry’s doppelganger, Mr. Daniel Radcliffe.

And that was just the start. Our eyeballs had to get used to it as we saw a whole lot more of Mr. Radcliffe (or DanRad  as he is affectionately known to his diehard, rabid fans) over the years as the Potter films skyrocketed in popularity…and stuffed the pockets of rags to riches author J. K. Rowling at the same time!  With popularity comes exposure and Mr. Radcliffe definitely has received his fair share. Magazine covers, red carpet photo ops, talk show appearances… the list could go on and on.  As a result, Mr. Radcliffe’s fashion choices were put on full display.  But, I have noticed something a bit interesting with the former Harry Potter. Something that was not a characteristics of past honorable mentions.  Mr. Radcliffe has managed to look flawlessly dapper in print editorials, but for some reason, it doesn’t always translate to his red carpet appearances.  But, I am seeing enough “hints” of debonair style here in there that it peaked my style curiosity and placed Mr. Radcliffe on my “one to watch” list.

Like many child actors before him, Mr. Radcliffe was  well aware of the “type-casting”  trap that has eaten away at so many young actors careers. Determined to break free from the child actor curse, Mr. Radcliffe quickly and smartly followed in the footsteps of Mr. Efron and any of the Jonas brothers by suddenly falling into the “I’m a real actor/musician/whatever” sales pitch and proving to the world that he has genuine, legit acting chops.  How does one do this you ask?  Four words.  Indie Films and Theatre!!!  That’s right.  Mr. Radcliffe has avoided the lure of big Hollywood blockbusters in favor of low budget Indie flicks and theatre productions that have allowed him to portray his raw and emotional acting skills.  He also dropped his pants and got butt naked on stage.  As a result, Mr. Radcliffe has positioned himself as a serious actor and an “Indie darling” all the while remaining the exact same height!  Now that is talent.  If you think about it, Mr. Radcliffe’s fashion sense also went on a similar journey. As he makes the transformation from popular child star to A-list adult, his fashion has also transformed.  Although not quite as successfully as his career, Mr. Radcliffe is showing some flashes of fashion brilliance. For this reason, Mr. Radcliffe has been named my Fashion Icon: Honorable Mention. I can’t wait to see what kind of fashion he offers up this year (I will be watching you DanRad. Take heed).

Watch Mr. Radcliffe work his fashion magic, below.

Mr. Daniel Radcliffe 02

Mr. Daniel Radcliffe 01

Mr. Daniel Radcliffe 03

Mr. Daniel Radcliffe 04

Mr. Daniel Radcliffe 05

Mr. Daniel Radcliffe wearing Ermenegildo Zegna 06

Mr. Daniel Radcliffe wearing Alexander Olch 07

Attitude Magazine Awards 2013 - Arrivals

Mr. Daniel Radcliffe 09

Daniel Radcliffe

Mr. Daniel Radcliffe 11

Mr. Daniel Radcliffe 12

Mr. Daniel Radcliffe 13

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