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Mr. Luke Evans clearly is winning the fashion game and is well on his way to becoming a favorite for my Fashion Icons 2015! Let’s see what style choices he makes this year.

Fashion Icons: Honorable Mentions – Luke Evans

You might recognize Mr. Evans (no relation to this Mr. Evans) from his leading role as Vlad III Tepres/Dracula in Universal’s “Dracula Untold.”  No?  Haven’t a clue what I’m talking about?  Didn’t see the movie?  Well, you’re not alone because neither did a lot of people… apparently!  Furthermore, I can’t really name any other films that my eyeballs have had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Evans act in.  You know, Mr. Evans is like one of those actors that you recognize, but you don’t know from where… but you know you know you’ve seen them… somewhere… in something?  Yea, Mr. Evans is that actor.

I must tell you, the critics were not very kind to “Dracula Untold.”  They basically recommended that you not see it.  They whined that the movie didn’t know whether to be a horror or superhero/action film blah-blah-blah…. Well, instead of focusing on what you don’t need to see, let’s turn our attention to what you do need to see… Mr. Evans’ impeccable fashion!

With such a flawless fashion style, I’ll definitely plunk down my hard-earned cash to watch at least one of his films (I just haven’t done it yet).  Mr. Evans is giving me “debonair defined” in  a gorgeous double-breasted suit,  “tailored to within an inch of his life” three-piece suits and is making olive-green happen in a delicious velvet dinner jacket… and that’s just the start!  It should be clear by this point why Mr. Evans has caught my fashion eyeball and is now on my “must watch list” when it comes to fashionable gentlemen for 2015!  If he keeps this up, he’ll probably end up one of my… dare I say it… Fashion Icons for 2015 (yes, it’s that deep children)!

Fun Fact: “Dracula Untold” cashed in over $56 million in North America and over $159 million across the globe for a grand total of over $215 million.  Sooo this movie still made bank at the box office, so much dough that a sequel is said to be in the works.  Obviously, somebody went to see this movie and obviously, it was because they saw Mr. Evans wearing that fabulous double-breasted suit at the premiere. As I always say, never under-estimate the power of great fashion! It can get you a date, a job (its true, it has happened to me), envious gazes, and it even has the power to get people to see your movie despite a story line that is apparently a hot stack of potatoes… allegedly.   As for me, I’m totally, totally going to see Mr. Evans’ next movie…whatever that is… whenever it comes out? In the meantime, I’m going to figure how I can replicate these looks below for myself. Join me!




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Universal Pictures And Legendary Pictures Present a Special Screening of "Dracula Untold"



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