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Mr. Evans is making a very good case in his bid to become my Fashion Icon for 2015. Let’s see what looks he has in his fashion arsenal this year!

Fashion Icon: Honorable Mentions – Thom Evans

So… I bet you’re probably thinking to yourself right now, who in the hell is Thom Evans?  Well,  I will have you know that… I haven’t a freakin’ clue!  But, the man knows how to dress and looks absolutely incredible in his fashion choices and that’s all I really care about!  Oh alright, I did take it upon myself to at least Google the guy and boy oh boy did I see a whole heck of a lot more of Mr. Evans than my eyeballs (and myself) were prepared to see!  Apparently, Mr. Evans pulled a “Kim Kardashian” a few years ago by dropping trou and posing completely in the buff (i.e. full frontal) with his brother for the Dieux Du Stade (NSFWish) annual calendar.  Yes, you read that sentence correctly.

Fun Fact: Mr. Evans and his brother are not the only siblings that posed butt naked for the charitable calendar which features players of the French rugby team, Stade Française (and now other athletes as well). STOP! Well… there’s our answer! Mr. Evans is or was a rugby player and is also known for dating this delicate flower (click me!).  Okay, I’m not really sure who she is either, but it appears she’s a model/actress something or other from England. Anyway, I don’t know about you, but I think Mr. Evans looks just as good with his clothes… on? I know. I know. It’s true though.  I have proof!  Honestly, Mr. Evans fashion style is on point. And I love that he favor’s a shawl lapel for his jackets (such a great option I say). This is one of the reasons he is now on my fashion radar! With looks like these, Mr. Evans is on his way to becoming my Fashion Icon for 2015…now that’s something to strive for!

And although he does look dapper with his clothes on, I’m not gonna hate…Mr. Evans does look pretty good in the buff…almost as good as me 🙂 Almost. When asked why he decided to pose in his birthday suit, Mr. Evans replied (via the Daily Mirror) that he was “comfortable with what he was packing.”  Well….to that I say, do you bro…I ain’t mad at cha (and I have a feeling a lot of other people won’t be all that upset either)

Fun fact #2: Did you know this gentleman audition for the part of Christian Grey in the movie version of “Fifty Shades of Grey”?  Now you do! You’re welcome 🙂 Photos of a covered up Mr. Evans below.

This rich and luxurious velvet jacket in my signature color is just scrumptious! (image:

Attitude Awards - London

The shawl lapel on his jacket adds the perfect dash of dapper! (image:


In green velvet (image:


In a patterned dinner jacket (image;


In a tux


In a three-piece suit (image:

Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve Welcome Home Party, John Walker & Sons Voyager, Prince of Wales Dock, Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

In Looks from the Aston Martin Collection by Bespoke HQ… (images:



In Pink (images:


signature (2)

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