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How To Series: Bow Tie Video Tutorial!

Alright my fellow bow ties,

The time has officially arrived for my very first video post to the Gentlemen’s Style Academy (please try and keep your excitement contained…I know it’s rough). And what better way to kick off this inaugural “How To” series  than by posting a video on… you guessed it:  How to tie a bow tie… duh right?  After all, as a rule of thumb, every fine gentlemen should know how to tie a bow tie and since I refer to all my readers and friends as “bow ties”, I thought it would be mighty fitting to at least show you how to tie one! Furthermore , those that do know how to do it are inducted into and are part of  a highly exclusive and extremely  (i.e. astronomically) difficult to get into elite class known as the #bowtienation.  So, are you ready to be a part of the #bowtienation? Watch the video, study carefully, take notes and you should be able to tie the perfect bow tie while simultaneously ensuring your status as an official inductee into the #bowtienation… a highly prestigious and noble honor. What?! It’s true.  Click play below 🙂


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