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Fierce Fashion Friday Face – Off: A Family Affair – The Hemsworth Brothers Go To Battle!

Prepare yourselves to answer what I’m sure will be the most important question you will ever be asked in your entire life.  Ready?  Of the Hemsworth Brothers, who would you rather…

…use as fashion inspiration for you or your man’s wardrobe?  What?  Ha!  Yes people, I am talking about the clothes here… get your minds out of the gutter.  I know what some you were thinking…*wink, wink.

Ah yes.  The Hemsworth brothers.  First off, let me preface my comments by saying this: HOLY MOLY, THERE’S THREE OF THEM?!? Like… one, two and three.  Wow.  Whew! Now that that’s out of the way, where in the hell did the other brother come from?  Let’s see.  There is Mr. Liam, better known as the ex Mr. Miley Cyrus.  Then there is Mr. Chris or “The Sexiest Man Alive” (by default since Mr. Gosling flat-out rejected the title…allegedly).  And finally, Mr. Luke, the oldest of the three brothers who is best known for his role on the uber popular Australian soap opera, “Neighbours”. Ah-ha! So that’s where this other brother has been hiding out.

If you ask me, all three gentlemen look superb. Dashing, dapper and debonair (the sacred three D’s!).  Furthermore, each brother represents a different body type and unknowingly provides an example of how to dress that body type…if you are a gym freak and workout endlessly for days on end!  Are you a gentleman who fits that description? Well, boy oh boy have you found your pot of gold! You can look great no matter your um… figure.  Oh alright…physique. If you are a gentleman who is tall with huge hulk-like muscles bulging every which way, look to Mr. Chris.  If you are gentleman who is also tall, but have been blessed with long, lean, chiseled muscles, call Mr. Liam. Finally, if you were not blessed with towering height (me!), but still hit the gym often, Mr. Luke is your new BFF!

So, who do you choose? Which Hemsworth brother is going to KO the competition and deliver a fashion throw-down smacking of epic proportions?  Go on… pick one! You know you want to 🙂

(images: mockingjay.net, Danny Moloshok, Reuters, Getty)





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